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imac ppc g5 does not see iPhone keynote app. need help.

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    iOS applications can't be run on a Mac.



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    If you don't have the Keynote application on your G5 iMac, and you want to work with a Keynote file that you have on your iPhone, on that iMac, you'll need the iWorks '09 suite of apps that include Keynote, Pages, and Numbers programs.  Even then, I'm not 100% certain that they are compatible. 


    I have a G5 iMac, and I know that the iWorks '11 suite of apps won't work on it.  iWork '11 apps are designed specifically for Intel-based Macs.


    You can probably find iWorks '09 on eBay or some other 3rd party retailer.


    Good luck.

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    Thanks this helps alittle. I do have the iworks suite 09 and when i open "keynote/preferences/remote" from the imac PPC G5 it does show an option to "enable iphone and ipod touch remote" i checked that box, from the iphon, i opened up the iphone keynote remote app, select "new keynote link" -- and usually (like on my macbook pro and on the ipad) i will then see the "iphone4" pop up in the list on the mac, and then i check "link". But, with the imac PPC G5 it does nothing. It does not see my iphone or ipad. they are all on the same network. under security setting i have unchecked everthing - (firewall settings = allow all incoming conections"). I even changd the firewall settings to "set access for specific application" and then add keynote, but that doesnt work either.


    First I'd like to know if this is a PPC problem (if so, why then do i seem to have the option in prefences) if not (what do i need to do to make this work).


    Thanks for your help.

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    The following is from:  http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/Keynote09_UserGuide.pdf    page 214


    Using Keynote Remote


    If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can purchase and download the Keynote Remote application from the App Store and use it to control your slideshow. After you’ve purchased the Keynote Remote application, you must link it to your computer before you can use it. To do this, your iPhone or iPod touch and computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network.


    You must open the Keynote slideshow document on your computer before you can begin to control it using the Keynote Remote.


    To link your Keynote Remote:

    1.  Open Keynote on your computer and choose Keynote > Preferences.

    2.  Click Remote in the Preferences window and select “Enable iPhone and iPod touch Remotes.”

    3.  Click the Keynote Remote application icon on your iPhone or iPod touch.

    4.  On your iPhone or iPod touch, create a link to Keynote, following the instructions on the device.

    A passcode appears.


    5.  In Keynote, click the link button next to the remote device that you want to pair with, and type the passcode into the window that opens in Keynote.

    6.  Close Keynote preferences.


    I hope this helps.


    Good Luck.

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    this doesnt help. you repeated everything that i said in the above post.


    i have done all of that and nothing happens on the imac.


    am i to asume that the PPC G5 should work - since you gave me these intructions?

    If a PPC G5 does work then i need to figure out why mine wont?

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    My apologies on the repeat of info.


    When I read


    "from the imac PPC G5 it does show an option to "enable iphone and ipod touch remote" i checked that box, from the iphon, i opened up the iphone keynote remote app" 


    I saw 


    "from the imac PPC G5 it does show an option to "enable iphone and ipod touch remote" i checked that box, from the iphon,"


    when you actually meant


    "from the iphon, i opened up the iphone keynote remote app".


    I wish I could be more help, but you're past my expertise.  Maybe some else can help, or you can try typing something like "iMac G5 Keynote Remote" in the search communities box hear at the top of this page, and there might be a previous resolved issue similar to your problem.


    Good luck.

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    Okay, one other thing, and this might be repetitive also, but after re-reading the instructions I listed earlier, and just to verify what you are doing:


    Are you opening up the actual Keynote slideshow document on the iMac that you want to use, and then opening the Keynote Preferences, and then selecting and clicking enable iPhone Remote?


    My only thinking could be is that this is not a general preference setting, it only applies to the Keynote document that you enable it with.


    I hope this is helpful.


    Good luck.

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    Did anyone ever figure out what is going on here?  I'm having the same problem in which my PowerPC G5 (Keynote 09) doesn't see my iphone 5 (keynote remote) when connected to the same network.


    I tried it with an intel based Mac and it seems to work fine.


    Any Ideas how to get this working on the PowerPC G5?