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I'm asking in multiple forums on the web but here's the situation...


I decided to merge / unify my Aperture library (124.xx GB) and iPhoto library (165.xx GB).  The job required a fresh 1 TB external drive onto which I copied both libraries after they were updated with their respective latest version native applications.  I opened the Aperture library and imported the iPhoto library.  After 2 days of processing, yes, two days for nearly 60,000 combined photos on a 2007 iMac 24" processor with rebuilt previews, I was able to control Aperture again.  Upon quiting so the unified library could close properly, I found a 343.xx GB unified Aperture library ... nearly 57 GB larger than the two sources!


OK, I have been known to process photos in Aperture, export a batch from a project, and import them as a new event in iPhoto so my wife and family can access the best images.  But, I'm surprised at the size of the overage.  So, I'm left with a feeling of


(a) a wasted 2 days ... continue using the separate libraries,

(b) searching the web for a "duplication finding" program that works with unified Aperture/iPhoto library structure (good luck!), or

(c) time to brew some coffee because I'll be sorting one-by-one through the Photos tab to delete duplicates.


In the case of (c), I have a delimma as well.  Namely, how do I convince myself of "what" exactly I'm deleting from what "appears" to be duplicate photos.  In other words, how do I determine if a photo is


  • a Master (now original) file from Aperture,
  • an edited version of a Master (now original) file from Aperture,
  • an original file from iPhoto, or
  • an edited file from iPhoto.


Depending on the exact nature of the file, I might choose to delete any work from iPhoto in favor of keeping the Master/original or edited Master/originals from Aperture's original library before the unification.


Any suggestions from others who already faced this dark reality is GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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Reply by Terence Devlin on Oct 15, 2012 2:27 PM Helpful

Use one app only - iPhoto or Aperture - to weed out the duplicates. For dealing with duplicates in iPhoto check out Duplicate Annihilator or Decloner

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