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I don't remember my security questions, I looked in other people who had the same problem and I saw that one solution is to enter to this link https://expresslane.apple.com/ but that link doesn't have support in my country (Mexico). What else can I do? I've already contact the support but they keep telling me the same answer that I can change the questions directly from appleid but it isn't truth, I've aleary tried that.

Thank you

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    Reset Security Questions


    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID

    Manage My Apple ID


    Or you can email iTunes Support at iTunes Store Support.


    If all else fails:


      1. Go to: Apple Express Lane;

      2. Under Product Categories choose iTunes;

      3. Then choose iTunes Store;

      4. Then choose Account Management;

      5. Now choose iTunes Store Security and answer the bullet questions, then click


      6. Sign in with your Apple ID and press Continue;

      7. Under Contact Options fill out the information and advise iTunes that you would

          like your security/challenge questions reset;

      8. Click Send/Continue.


    You should get a response within 24 hours by email.


    Another user had success doing the following:


    I got some help from an apple assistant on the phone. It is kind of round about way to get in.


    Here is what he said to do and it is working for me...


      a. on the device that is asking you for the security questions go to "settings", > "store" >

          tap the Apple ID and choose view"Apple ID" and sign in.

      b. Tap on payment information and add a credit/debit card of your preference then select

          "done", in the upper right corner

      c. sign out and back into iTunes on the device by going to "settings"> "store" > tap the

          Apple ID and choose "sign-out" > Tap "sign -in" > "use existing Apple ID" and you

          should be asked to verify your security code for the credit /debit card and NOT the

          security questions.

      d. At this time you can remove the card by going back in to edit the payment info and

          selecting "none" as the card type then saving the changes by selecting "done". You

          should now be able to use your iTunes store credit without answering the security



    It's working for me ...I just have to put in my 3 digit security pin from the credit card I am using.



    Good Luck friends!

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    Thanks a lot, now I can use my itunes gift card; I'm from Mexico and I can't access the apple express lane because it doesn't have support in my country but when I used the way of using a debit card, it totally worked, I didn't even needed to verify the security code.

    Thank you again