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Has anyone been lucky enough to get an iPhone 5 via in-store pickup? Two days this past week I've tried to order online with in-store pickup only to see "Unavailable for pick-up" every time. Do I need to wait until 10PM PST rather than EST? I feel like there is a problem with the system, because from fooling around with the store locator every store in the United States seems to show the same message. Obviously they can't all be 100% out of stock. I went to my local store today and saw someone purchasing an iPhone 5 and so I was hopeful, but was told by the greeter that they are not available and to do the in-store pickup online tonight. I feel like I'm stuck in a circle getting nowhere.


Anyone have any insight regarding this?

  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)

    10PM to 4AM local time. Quantities are limited everywhere - yes, they absolutely can all be out of stock - so even if you try to order via the web site for in-store pickup, they may have already sold the available stock. You will probably have to just keep trying. You can also try the cell carriers. People have at time reported availability there when the Apple Stores had none.



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    I have checked the last 4 days and havent seen one available phone. I also went to the store today and they said they had them this morning but had sold out. I think the online pickup thing is a scam to try and get people to cancel preorders.

  • Rotcm Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm seeing a few white 16's and 64's out there tonight. Nothing near me though.

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    They go REALLY fast. Your best bet is to get the one you want set up in your cart ready to check out (preferably in the Apple Store app if you can), then just refresh at 10pm to see if anything pops up as available and check out right away. I came extremely close to nailing a 16GB AT&T one last night at a store 1 hour away, but by the time I got it through the cart, they were gone. I checked right at 10pm local time (CST), too.


    I have noticed that the option to check out via in store pickup will unlock at 10pm EST, but the stock levels will not update until 10pm local time (or 10pm the stores' local time).

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    are you on pacific time?

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    No, I am on Central Standard time. And BTW, I finally snagged a 16GB black at a local Apple Store through the pick-up right at 10pm my time last night. The option was unlocked again but once again showed stock was unavailable prior to then.

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    It's a hit or miss. I was able to do in store pick up on September 28 after numerous nights of trying. Several stores close to me are usually listed with availability.

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    After about 4 or 5 nights I got it to work and I'll be picking up my phone tomorrow morning.