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Hi all-


Been a long time since we bought a new camcorder (last was still using tape....), so figured I'd ask here.


Basically, we'd like a high definition camera with a hard drive and the ability to use SD cards as well. (& what speed to use?) Also, looking for something around $300.


I'm posting here because last time we were looking around (but didn't buy) I think there were file compatibility issues with Sony cams, perhaps another format.


Any help appreciated!




Reply by Klaus1 on Oct 15, 2012 3:46 PM Helpful

You haven't mentioned what version of iMovie you will be using, so:


iMovie 11 - cameras supported:




iMovie 9 - cameras supported:




iMovie 8 Camcorders supported:




Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X Lion:




Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X Snow Leopard:



Reply by Karsten Schlüter on Oct 16, 2012 1:21 AM Helpful

aside Klaus' list, which lists 'Apple-tested' cams only, any AVCHD-cam will work with iM, except in 3D-mode or in Dolby5.1 mode.


you will not find any actual device anymore with internal harddrive - this was a 'interim technology', now obsolete.


focus on your needs:

• external mic-plug needed (doing interviews)?

• wide-angel needed (indoor)?

• super-zoom needed (sports/nature)?

• low-light performance (again indoor)?

• manual controls ('cinematography')?

• interchangable lenses ('cinematography')?

• frame-rates beyond video-standards (60(120/240fps for slowmo)?

• size, weight, ext. battery loader (usage)?


camcorderinfo.com gives excellent overview and in-depth info ......


my actual personal favorites are Panasonic 707 (biggest bang for price) and Panasonic x800 (legacy) x909 (awesome 3ccd technology but pricey).

my actual device is not a camcorder but a 'bridge', a LumixFZ38.

but I probably have diff. needs and a smaller wallet than you

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