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Hi folks,


I am really stressed out at the moment.  Do you know who or where can I go to make an official complaint?  I purchased an extended warranty for my MacBook Pro and later found it much cheaper at PCWorld.  I called up Apple in August to let them know and they said they will cancel my extended warranty and refund me the money so I can buy again.  That was fine by me expect they went away and cancelled my extended warranty but I have yet to receive my refund.


The Apple employee Vincent Leyne who was dealing with this case ignored my last three emails.  I called up and was advised to email dop_change@euro.apple.com but even they ignored an email I sent two weeks ago.


There no way to get my money back and I am just so stressed and disappointed by all this.


Could anyone help with this?


I just cant believe this is Apple, the company I love so much is causing me this stress.


Thanks in advance folks

Extended warranty
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    All we can suggest is to call Apple tech support, ask to to speak with someone in customer relations, and explain the situation to them and get a committment for a quick resolution. And if you purchased the system and AppleCare plan with a credit card, call your credit card company and ask if you can dispute the charge given the promise of a refund.



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    Thanks for the tip Varjak.


    Unfortunately, I paid cash but I will give customer relations a call and see what they can do.  Im just so disappointed with it all.  This has been going on since August.

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    Andyeyecandy wrote:


    I purchased an extended warranty for my MacBook Pro and later found it much cheaper at PCWorld. 

    Are you sure about that? I just checked pcworld.co.uk and I see no Applecare for MacBook Pro. They have Applecare for iMac and iPad, but both of these are exactly the same price that Apple charges. Applecare for notebook machines is more expensive because these machines take much more abuse than any desktop. I suspect that the cheap Applecare you found is not really for your machine.


    I suggest you call back and make sure your Applecare is valid and forget about the refund.

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    It's also possible that Andy was sold a PCWorld extended warranty, not AppleCare. I didn't think of that possibility since he said that Apple has promised a refund, but that might have been the case. Apple should have responded and told him that, though, if that was indeed the situation.



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    I just checked too and its no longer there so gutted!


    It was there and was cheaper...i originally found it at the HotUkDeals link


    http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/apple-applecare-protection-plan-for-13-macbook-m acbook-pro-99-97-currys-pcworld-1243420


    gutted! seems like i wasted my time/money now

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    Seems like one of those "too good to be true" deals, but that's neither here nor there. If you purchased AppleCare from Apple along with your MacBook and then wanted to cancel that original plan, that what you did or not get from PCWorld doesn't matter. If Apple subsequently cancelled that first plan, then you are owned the money back.


    It's possible that if you subsequently purchased another AppleCare kit from PCWorld and then registered that for your MacBook, Apple's become confused and see that you have a plan and so no refund would be due. That's just a guess, but I can envision that scenario happening. If AppleCare Plan Administration hasn't been able to sort it out, then only Customer Relations will be able to do anything about it.