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With the new update to Aperture in ML, Safari will not load my library.

If in a website that allows you to upload photos and you select 'choose photo' , then slect 'photos' in the finder window you can select iphoto right away. Aperture has 'loading images' but it never ends loading.


On another note is it possible to make Safari remember the last uploaded folder as the Aperture library?

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    I have solved this so thought I would share how...


    I thought I would create a new Aperture library to see if it was a library issue.


    I went to Aperture, created a new library, imported a few images and went back to Safari to upload a photo on the same web page. = Worked perfectly.


    I thought I would need to create a new plist / preference file for the old library - but when I switched back to the old library it was working. Hope this simple fix helps someone.


    If not - try the steps in http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3805