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I want to gift a song to multiple e-mail addresses. Can I do that and how can I do that? Do I need to put a comma and space after each address?  Also how many e-mail address Can I send the song to?

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    You can buy a song, an album, a video, an audiobook, a TV episode or season, a movie, or an application for anyone who has a valid email address. Once you purchase a gift, it will be delivered by email to the person or group of people you specified as the recipient(s).


    Check this out for instructions on how to send to multiple emails and what the limit is:


    iTunes Gift Options


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    Thank you for anwering but that was not my question. My question was can you gift a song to more than one person at a time and how many?  I want to gift a song to 5 people and want to know if I can do that at one time. If I can how do I do that? Place a comma after each e-mail address and then a space than another e-mail address with a comma and then a space?  How many at one time can you gift a song to?

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    Yup, just put commas between the emails. You will be billed accordingly to the number of email addresses you provide in the recepient field. I gifter an item to 5 people once and there is no indication of a limit so you should be good. =)

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    Thank you so much. One last thing. is there a space after the comma and then a new e-mail address? Example: (tdk@g-mailcom, rdick@aolcom, or is it comma with no space after it Example: (tdk@gmai.com,rdick@aol.com)?

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    It's commas with no spaces. =) You will see the instructions once you try to give the gift. It's just below the green card thing.

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    Do you know whether multiple selections can be gifted to one person or do I have send multiple emails? 

    I hope there is a way. I have created a playlist of these but I do not see an obvious way to gift the playlist.

    Soooo frustrating!!