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  • jrwohlwend Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Well that lasted a week or so, same problem again.

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    jrwohlwend did you resolve this issue? I am having the same problem. I tried turning off LTE in the settings and my phone starts to work fine.

  • jrwohlwend Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I tried that too, and it seems to work, although I only tried it for a few hours.  Thanks for the feedback.

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    Weird intermittent problems cropping up. First the earpiece didn't work (callers could hear me, but I couldn't hear them unless using speakerphone or headphones) then today the ringer stopped working. Apple Support had me do a backup/restore and the problem was still there. But I just did a Network Reset (as suggested above) and now it seems to be working. Sigh. Crossing fingers the fix holds.

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    Incoming calls going direct to Voice Mail, outgoing call attempts get Call Fail repeatedly. ATT iPhone 5 happening in LA area, Palm Springs and Seattle. Getting progressively worse. Even 611 results in a Call Fail 9 out of 10 attempts. Often upon calling the bars disapeear and go to "No Service". Did a cell phone and ATT network reset - has not worked so far. Turned off LTE, did not correct. Still trying to get this resolved.

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    Nothing works for me... Everyday I miss 5 out of 10 calls, they just go to voicemail! I tell my friends to just leave me a voicemail and that ends up going through to me. Right now is the only way to know who called you. It's very frustrating!

    Also, I do notice that when call is trying to get through the LTE changes to 4G but my phone doesn't ring!

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    The same thing has happened to me so often that I've repeatedly requested credits, and even had the phone replaced. I have horrible news for all of you that are also experiencing the missed calls and delayed texts with the iphone 5. After hours spent trouble shooting, SIM replaced, Master Reset done several times, wasted time at the Apple Store... the device was replaced and with in 10 minutes of having it replaced I experienced the exact same missed calls. The other upsetting aspect of this is that my husband seems to be the only person that can document these extreme problems along by snapshotting both phones. I have been unreachable during emergencies and countless other urgent moments.


    After replacing the device I spoke with another troubleshooting person at AT&T to let them know that there is NO WAY I could be "stuck" via contract into this device for 2 years!! The rep admitted that LTE is what is causing issues with the voice "alerts" as he called it aka phone ringing. LTE is apparently a data only network and so causing MANY issues like this with the iphone 5. Apple also admitted that restoring the device from a previous iphone could have caused it. I tmust be set up as new. That solution had nothing to do with the issues on the new replaced device however.


    I did what the AT&T person told me to do, Settings-->General ---> Cellular Data---> and then disable LTE and immediately my phone went from 1-2 bars, at times No Service to 4-5 bars signal strength and I have not had as many issues with missed calls. That is yet TBD though because many of my callers do not leave VM and I will never know if they actually returned my phone calls!



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    WOW! MMADean - thanks very much for the update. Sounds like ATT/LTE/iPhone has a very serious issue they are dealing with.


    On the phone with ATT customer service today they are doing a "routing update", he said this will take 24 hours to take effect.


    Who knows - it could be a lie, buying time for ATT's LTE engineers to fix whatever is happening. I'm SURE this is a widespread issue.


    I hope everyone who is having this issue calls in and reports the problem.


    This is a massive impact to users and is just as bad and the phone "going out" in the old days of land lines.

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    UPDATE: AT&T could not fix the problem. They recommended I go to the nearest APPLE store for which they made the appointment.


    The Apple genius did a diagnostic on the phone which clearly showed the problems. He did a full scrub of the software on the phone. Upon re-boot the phone still failed. They immediately gave me a new iPhone 5, and guided me through the set up. The new phone is working perfectly.


    ADVICE TO ALL WHO HAVE THIS ISSUE: Try the AT&T customer service route once or twice with the network resets, and so forth. THEN, waste no more time and go to the Apple store (make an appointment on line), and have them do a diagnostic on your phone. They can see everything, re-load software and determine if it is a software or hardware problem and give you a new phone if you are still on warranty.


    Note to MMDean - if you still experience these issues, you may try to get a new phone number. One ATT rep said that some phone numbers just have massive uncorrectable problems.

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    Note to MMDean - if you still experience these issues, you may try to get a new phone number. One ATT rep said that some phone numbers just have massive uncorrectable problems. For example, someone with many phone lines may have one that has all kinds of trouble where as all the other lines are fine.

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    Just started experiencing this problem badly today. 2/3 of calls went straight to VM. After getting a few VM that were work-related (and important not to miss), I called my iPhone 5 from my landline. Straight to VM after two rings. After doing this several times, I attempted to reset the network settings. Same issue. I then turned off LTE, and the call went through right away.


    Another data point that indicates the AT&T-LTE-iPhone 5-Apple chain is broken.

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    I'm glad I found this thread. I am not alone.  I was waiting for an important phone call last night, and the person trying to reach me called repeatedly for two hours and couldn't get through.  My phone never rang, I never had any missed calls, and my voice messages did not come thorugh.  This is on an iPhone 5 on AT&T.  I have had the problem before that voice messages come to my phone long after someone called and left them.  This is not good, espeically in emergency situations.  I am taking the phone to the Apple Store today since  my call to AT&T did not help much.  They just said to turn the phone off and back on again.

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    I can confirm what others have found, if LTE is turned off, this problem does not occur. 

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    Thank you to all who responded to my post. AT&T has begun to acknowledge that these issues are much more widespread then they would like to admit. When I wrote this, I was so fed up with the amount of time AT&T wasted while they attempted to troubleshoot (figure out) and "resolve" this issue. I will switch numbers if I absolutely have to but because of business reasons I would prefer not to have to resort to this. I did however, after getting the device replaced, go into ATT and get a new sim card installed as well.


    UPDATE: Since my last post, I've had some issues but they seem to be more manageable with LTE off. The phone seems to get very confused with the option to choose between the two networks. Since then, I've visited AT&T stores friday and sunday and another phone kiosk as well. Two of the three agents that I spoke with were experiencing these exact same issues! At the AT&T store on Sunday I was told that there were ATLEAST 100 complaints per day, all week last week regarding this issue. (The rep mentioned complaints from families not receiving calls about family passing away and police officers also missing calls.)


    He mentioned that AT&T was attempting a network update to fix the issue as of Friday but no word on whether the problems are still ongoing. I asked how they intend to keep customers experiencing these issues and how to handle considering many of us are in sales and require our phones for business operation.


    I asked about switching devices in order to have a functioning device and was discouraged from doing so but with less solid info about why. I would suggest that everyone having these problems continue to post so that we can all try to troubleshoot and push our carriers and apple for resolutions and or refunds where necessary.

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    i have the same problem, recieved calls going straight to voicemail or disconnection on iphone 4s 6.1 its obviously a firmware bug, never had it until i updated to ios6, so so so funny when people tell others to restore, as if thats gonna make any difference, lets just hope some big time apple share holders have the same problem, they'll recognise the problem exists then, until then no one cares about us, i am a self employed painter&decorator and am losing business because of this, any chance of £-some-cash per missed call out of that mega pot of gold you got stashed away Mr Cook?

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