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Hello all.  I have to tell you the truth this badges have never worked on my caledar in any iOS or iPhone that I have owned.  I currently have the iPhone 5.  I have gone into settings, notifications, Calendar app, notification center is on, alert style is banners, Badge App icon is on, Cal Alerts is on Alert  and View in Lock Screen is on.  What am I missing???  I have plenty of appointments in my calendar so they should show the badge count.  I also use iCloud for my calendar.


Please help!


Thanks in advance,



iPhone 5, iOS 6, 64GB, Black
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    Wow!  Did I stump the community?  I can't be the only one that has experience this can I?

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    I have this same problem with my Reminders app, as well as some other downloaded ones, I havent checked the Calendar app for this issue but wouldn't be surprised if it has the same bug.  I called Apple Care and they told me this is not normal and they set me up for another "GENIUS" appointment.  This is my 3rd iphone 5 (been replaced twice).  The iphone5 is the worst iphone ever made.

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    I actually called Apple Support last night 1) because of the horrible cell reception and 2) to ask how to resolve the issue with the badges on the calendar app.  As amazed as I am to say it, the rep had no idea and gave me some story about how I have to flag something when I make the actual appointment.  I'm sorry but I didn't buy it and I can't believe he let me go without really resolving my issue.


    I may try stopping by the closest Apple Store and see what's up.

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    The thing is, half these "tech support" guys don't know anything about anything.  You should call them again and explain your issue/problems again, but this time say it really really slow, because they are not the brightest people.  And if they still have trouble understanding simple English, ask to speak to a Senior Advisor.  I'm pretty sure you have to at least be a college graduate to be a Senior Advisor.  They should be able to set you up with a "GENIUS" appointment to have it looked at. 

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    I have the same issue. Badges for the Calendar iOS 6 app are turned on but I've never seen any badge (and I have alerts and sounds also on and they work ok).



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    I went to the Apple Store this past Saturday and I stumped the 1st 2 employees I talked to with this question.  Finall the 3rd employee joined in and was able to answer my question.  He told me that you will only see badges if you were sent invites from another user.


    So the mystery is solved...finally!

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    Check this link. http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/97932 for a good concise explanation of badges. Badges on calendar and reminder only show up if you have an invite waiting to be checked, just like if you have an email or message waiting to be checked. If you want to know how many of any given thing you have that day just go to the calendar or reminder for that day... Does knwing you have 6 things on your calendar in any given day actually benefit you at all? You still have to go see what they are don't you? Also, they woudl have to change everyday, the other badges don't work that way, the mail,vm, message badges keep counting up until things are checked...