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iTunes was syncing with my iPhone just fine for a while, but I had to do some adjusting to my outlook Profile to try to fox something else, and now it seems iTunes isn't SEEING the correct Outlook calendar, so it's not syncing the calendar at all.  It seems to be seeing some other Calendar that I can't see in Outlook.. is that even possible?  Can't find a specific location for the calendar in Outlook (data file is just the .pst file, not calendar-specific), and itunes has no setting that can change the location of the Calendar I'm trying to sync with.  Now, when I re-check 'sync with Outlook calendar', it pre-selects 'all calendars' then when the sync starts, it clears out the  'sync with Outlook calendar' button, and just keeps 'sync with all calendars', and doesn't sync with the Outlook calendar in my main Outlook profile. I have reloaded iTunes, cleared out all 'opt-ins' from Outlok except for iTunes, etc.  all the basic things you find in a web search...

ARGH!!  HELP!  thanks.

iPhone 5, iOS 6, iTunes not syncing with Outlook cal