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Hello, I'm just needing help getting my Imagewriter II to print with my Macintosh Se. I have the corect cables runing from the printer to the back of the SE, but it doesn't want to print when I choose Imagewriter under Chooser. Is this a capatible printer? Do I need a driver, if so does anyone out there still sell 3.5" 800k floppys that will run on a Macintosh se. Need Help as this is my first and only computer that I've acquired for High school and college work recently.



Keep it "Reel",


Other OS, Macintosh Se. O.S. 6.0.8.
  • Matt Broughton Level 5 (4,980 points)

    I did a Google search for "imagewriter II drivers for mac se" and came up with some possibilties --


    You can also try searching


    At least those are some starting points.  Maybe someone here will have exactly what you need.

  • JustSomeGuy Level 3 (575 points)

    Wolfemanjack wrote:


    I have the corect cables runing from the printer to the back of the SE, but it doesn't want to print when I choose Imagewriter under Chooser.

    What cable do you have, exactly?  There are two different types with MiniDIN8 ends - one is a null modem (or "Printer") cable, and the other is a modem cable.  A non-Apple printer cable often has two arrows embossed on each end, pointing in opposite directions.  The Apple part number is 590-0552-A.

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    I looked at the cable it's a 8 pin, with arrows going different directions on the ends of the cable. Should their be a Imagewriter II under the "chooser" or will a Imagewriter II run under the original Imagewriter icon?

         Also I did a self test with the printer and it works fine, but still no printing.



  • JustSomeGuy Level 3 (575 points)

    It would print something rather than nothing even with the Imagewriter icon.  Is the cable connected to the back of the SE to the printer (vs. phone/modem) plug?

  • Wolfemanjack Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I plugged in into both and tried it still no luck. when I would click on the phone or modem icon nothing would happen just the phone or modem conection would stay lite up. From their I would go to a Word document and try printing.



  • Appaloosa mac man Level 5 (4,330 points)

    Please help us understand a few things by answering the following questions.


    Did you buy this computer at a store or from a friend?


    How long have you had this computer?


    Have you ever gotten anything to print?


    Did it use to print but now it has stopped?


    Do you have any back up disks that would allow you to copy a clean system onto your computer? 


    Have you tried printing from different software applications?


    Where in the world are you located?  That will help us understand what options you have.


    For example, in Seattle, Washington, USA,  you can go to a recycling store and buy all the old computer supplies to work on older computers.  Other cities may not have as many helpful resources for older computers.

  • Wolfemanjack Level 1 (0 points)
    •      I purchased both the Macintosh Se and Imagewriter II off ebay. From two seperate auctions.
    •      I have had this computer for about a month or two, the same for the printer.
    •      So, far the only thing that I have gotten to print is the self-test that the printer runs.
    •      The computer has a 20mb, (I think), hard drive on which is Word and Excel, I think I tried both applications to see if either one would print. However, I had the same results.
    •      I do not have any back up disks to load a new system to my computer, as that might be were my problem lies. I don't know whether if I found someone with O.S. 7.0.1 if it would support an Imagewritter II.
    • Lastly, I live in Yakima, Washington, were local Goodwills stoped taking in old computers and televisions so I probably won't be able to find any software.
  • Matt Broughton Level 5 (4,980 points)

    I hope I am not adding noise here --


    The ImageWriter II had AppleTalk as an option.  I am not sure if System 6 and the Macintosh SE had AppleTalk.  The point being, I was just wondering if you checked all the appropriate switches and lights on the printer.


    There is a troubleshooting section in the User Manual for the ImageWriter.  Did you get the manual either with the printer or from Apple.  The manuals can be found at  There are also other snippets in the manual that tell you how to check the status and error lights that may not be obvious.

  • Appaloosa mac man Level 5 (4,330 points)



    Matt Brings up a good point that I had overlooked.  If the Imagewriter has an Appletalk card installed, you will not use the normal Imagewriter icon in the chooser.  Select Appletalk and see if a printer shows up on the list.


    The fact that you are in Yakima means that you have two options.  Come to Spokane and have access to our resources or go to Seattle and find Chuck at RC-PC on 4th Ave. near the Mariners and Seahawks stadiums.  I think one is still Safeco Field but they change names from time to time.


    Chuck knows his stuff and saves mac items for people who still care about vintage macs. 


    As for Spokane, we have a youth group that meets downtown and we tinker with the old stuff for historical reasons.  And, we have backup systems for just about every mac ever made.  We also have at least one each of every mac ever made plus external hard drives to connect to every mac made.


    Your comment that the printer will print a test page means that we can rule out the printer issues except for one.  There are dip switches on the printer that can affect performance.  Some are changed when you install an AppleTalk card. 


    By the way, is your Imagewriter white or grey (platinum)?


    Start with that and post back.



  • John Galt Level 8 (45,978 points)

    Appaloosa mac man wrote:


    ... There are dip switches on the printer


    If a LocalTalk Option Card is installed and the OP wants to disable it for the purposes of using serial, switch SW2-4 "off" (up - open - away from you - toward the platen).


    It is not necessary to remove the card itself.


    Archived - ImageWriter II: Dip Switch Settings for AppleTalk Card

  • John Galt Level 8 (45,978 points)

    The ImageWriter cable is a standard Apple M/M "Mini-DIN 8" straight cable. You can find them on eBay. Here is one seller.


    Some more resources


    ImageWriter II User's Guide:

    ImageWriter II General Troubleshooting:

    ImageWriter II Correcting Communications Problems (1/97):

    ImageWriter II DIP Switch Settings for AppleTalk Card:

    ImageWriter II LocalTalk Option Card:

  • John Galt Level 8 (45,978 points)

    Matt Broughton wrote:


    ...  I am not sure if System 6 and the Macintosh SE had AppleTalk.


    Way before then. The original Mac and its original OS had AppleTalk.


    Its development began with Lisa. Every Mac ever built was capable of networking, right out of the box.


    I know you are well aware, but for the sake of those who don't, AppleTalk was included in every OS all the way through Leopard.



  • Appaloosa mac man Level 5 (4,330 points)



    Thanks for the dip switch settings.  Our books are packed so that comment was helpful.



  • Wolfemanjack Level 1 (0 points)

    The Imagewriter looks to be a cream color, so it probably was white origanally.

    I will look at the dip switch setting on the printer and check to see if they are correct or are changed.

    Also, I happen to have an Apple IIe platinum. Would by chance I be able to test the printers capacity to print by getting a cable to go from the Super serial card inside the Apple IIe with out having to find a driver for the Apple IIe?

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