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My iPhone is not receiving calls or voicemail until I enter the Phone App. This has happened to me at least a half-dozen times (that I know of, I suspect many more). It also happens in Messaging, too.


This latest time, tonight, I called my wife because she sent me an email asking if I had forgotten to take my phone out of Airplane Mode. I had been using for text messaging and the camera, and was surpised to see no missed calls or voicemail, so I called her. After one minute or so, bleep-bleep, missed call and voice mail showed up.


iPhone 5, 64gb, lots of free memory. AT&T. I started over from scratch with this phone as I elected not to restore my iPhone 4 backup. I never, ever had this problem with my 4.


Anyone else have this issue? It is critical that my employer can reach me, and practically a condtion of employment, so this is pretty darn important to me. I have also had my someone call and ask if I got their texts. I open up Messages and as soon as I send one, I receive the missed texts.



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