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  • Hellomoto253 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    As promised, here's an update. My phone is STILL BROKEN. I haven't been able to get calls and it still happens intermittently. This is after replacing the SIM card and replacing the phone altogether. This usually happens when I'm at home, but I have full signal here. I also have AT&T. I may try to disable WIFI and see if that makes a difference since I'm on wifi at home. So aggravating!

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    I too have been having the same exact issue. I have had my iPhone 5 since the release date, it worked fine until Last two weeks. My iPhone does not ring, does not vibrate, incoming calls randomly go straight to voicemail instead of ringing or vibrating.


    Anyone found a perminent solution?    

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    My phone is doing exactly the same thing in the UK.


    I bought the phone from new on release day and was with the carrier O2 who do not support LTE/4G. I since moved to EE who are the only UK network who support LTE/4G in order that I could take advantage of this issue.


    My phone has only been problematic since. I have been blaming the network but it sounds like it might be the hardware.


    I have tried a new sim card, multiple resets etc. I have not set up as a new phone nor do I intend to.


    Will try switching off LTE which is counterproductive to what I changed network for, but as stated by others, not much good having a brilliant phone where everything works bar the phone.

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    These 2 steps works fine for me:

    1) > Settings > Bluetooth > set OFF

    2)  Restart iPhone 5.

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    L&K, I never have Bluetooth on in the first place so I don't know about that, but I did try switching it on then off again then restarting, just for the heck of it. At this point, I'm willing to try anything. This problem is getting very frustrating.

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    I am also having the same issue. I tried all the possible ways like replacing sim, resetting phone as new iPhone and the issue is still persist. I tried keeping my bluetooth off and am trying to keep my Wifi off and see how it works

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    1) Set  Bluetooth OFF:  > Settings > Bluetooth > set OFF

    2) Restart iPhone 5: This step is accomplished by holding the sleep/wake and home buttons together until you see the Apple logo and then release.

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    I'd like to join the club. I've started to notice because I was testing my new Martian watch that I can't receive calls on my AT&T iPhone 5. I don't get a lot of calls on it at home so I don't know how long this was happening. When I try to call my iPhone from the landline I get a rapid busy after two rings. I tried the previous trouble shooting in this thread and the only thing that mostly works is turning off LTE. That's a great fix! On the other hand LTE in my home is bloody awful. If I'm lucky 0.03 down 0.8 up. You read that right. In other areas near by it's super fast. 17/9. I do have Time Warner Cable with a Motorola gateway, but I bridged the wifi to an AirPort Extreme. I called tech support and of course it worked while talking to her.mi called from the cel. So while it was outgoing it received the test calls. Very frustrating, I don't want to reset the phone as that's a big waste of time. It's hardware. It smells like hardware issues.

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    My wife is having the same issue with her ATT iphone 16g white.  Never had the problem with her iPhone 4.  We have done everything under the sun to fix this problem.  Nearly 50% of her calls she never receives.  I have an Android phone and do not have this issue.  She often won't get the voicemails either.  She has now replaced her phone twice and is on her 3rd iPhone 5.  We have tried resetting from the network, reconfigured firmware, replaced simm card several times, and had 5 Apple Genuis appointments, Apple Care numerous conversations and AT&T as well.  We set up as a new phone without any apps or other software, yet still have the problem.  We have tried everything that has been mentioned in this post without resolution. Apple blames AT&T towers, and AT&T blames Apple software.  We even have had two Apple genuis tell us that they have the same problem, but unfortunately haven't reported it. Bottom line is that it is very irritating not to recieve calls on a phone. My wife and I have many Apple products, but if this one isn't resolved very soon.  My wife will not buy another iPhone and we certainly will not be continuing with AT&T. AT&T has been terrible in even addressing this issue. According to AT&T there is no issue.

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    Did you try turning LTE off? Since I wrote the above post, my home located LTE speeds have increased to 9/5 which is all well and good but the phone won't answer a call while in LTE in my home. ATT blames my area as being too dense. They have a new tower scheduled for late 2014!!! Sigh.

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    Have tried turning LTE off, but still had the issue. The problem did start when the LTE towers came on line, but AT&T says that cannot be issue.

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    In my personal testing, for me it is absolutely LTE combined with the area I live in. (West Los Angeles) and the tower I'm connecting to. I drove to the supermarket 1/4 mile away had LTE and received calls. At home I get the rapid busy. Both from land lines. I notice at home the LTE designator switches to 4G, and at that point the rapid busy occurs. At the store something but the phone rings. So it's my tower and the iPhones funky handling of the switchover. When ATT switches to voice over LTE it may get better.

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    Joe221, I do believe that you are on to something with the LTE/4G switching. One thing that we notice is that it goes back and forth all the time. We live in the Phoenix area and what I've gotten from Apple is that the problem is especially an issue in this area. AT&T says they are improving things in this area (LTE, etc), but my Samsung Note 2 does not do the continual switching and also receives all calls. I think that the frustrating part on this is how AT&T is handling this. They just say it's not their problem. It's actually both Apple and AT&T's problem.  I hope the voice over to LTE makes it better, but if history is any indicator, it actually might get worse.

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    I'm having the same issue here in Ireland, Also two of my friends having the exact same issue with iPhone 4 and 5, I think it's most likely an IOS issue...

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    After months of going to AT&T and the Apple store Genuis, They both finally took us seriously and forwarded our issue to an Apple engineer.  They told us that we may not hear from the engineer if they think they have solved the problem.  For 5 days in a row I have been able to get through to my wife's iPhone 5.  That hasn't happened since she got it.  I don't think it's just a coincidence that this happened, but if things deteriorate, I will post again.            The more I have investigated the issue, the more I find people of every carrier and every region are having this issue. I think this problem isn't being reported as much as it should be because people don't use their phone as much as a phone anymore, and they also don't know they aren't getting the calls unless someone tells them.  It does appear to be an iOS issue.