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    I doubt the iPhone hardware is defective.  I do believe the problem comes from software. In that case, all 4 iPhones could be defective.   It could be AT&T, it could be Apple, or it could be both.  Again, I have not had the issue with my SGN2 or my wife with the S4.  I thought I'd jump back into the conversation, because someone mentioned to me that they thought it was an antenna problem, but with what others are telling me, I still think the problem has to do with the LTE towers that were put up at the same time the problem began.

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    GTOBOB see my reply to Meg St._Clair.  I'm curious to know if the area where you live has recently upgraded to LTE?

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    Update: this time Apple is not to blame. My carrier blocked my IMEI without any reason.

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    I'm having the same problem only I have an iPhone 5 .... This is my first time having any iPhone I haven't gotta my number changed or anything... I'm receiving texts and calls from almost everyone except this certain person he is also with cspire and he has the galaxy iii It started off fine than all of a sudden I wouldn't receive his texts for like a week it did that a few times until recently now we haven't been able to receiving any text or calls from one another he doesn't get my texts or calls and I don't get his..... when he calls me he says it sends him straight to voicemail and when I call him it will ring a few times than the lady will come on saying the cspire customer is not receiving calls at this time.... Is there any way to fix this problem ???..... & how long can I expect this issue to go on plz help!!...

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    My suggestion, although not necessarily popular here, however, has worked is to sell your phone on Craigslist or Ebay and buy a good Android phone. I am not having this problem since I did this.  Sorry to say this, because I really do like Apple.  The iPhone 5 is just a very poor product when it comes to this issue.

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    Same problem for my iPhone5 in Taiwan with carrier CHT.

    My device is iPhone5 64G with ios 6.1.4. It just miss call when I am in my office with 4-5 signal level.

    What's intresting is the data link is ok because I can still receiving imessage and check facebook,

    but the phone call is just dead.

    I have exchange two new iPhone5, and also replace new SIM once. Problem still the same.

    I also call the carrier, and they reset the celluar tower near my office. But just don't fix anything.

    The carrier engineer tell me that "normally the celluar phone should register to tower for about every two hours"

    and he check my log anf found that my phone just don't register. And also in his own experience many iphone5

    have similar issue.

    I believe there must have some problem in iPhone5 for either hardware or software. But the update seems not fix it.

    Will keep on checking this thread to see if any solution is provided....

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    There might be a new update coming out soon that should fix this issue.    

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    Thanks Ramon,

    Hope Apple could really fix this problem.

    I have been suffering from this issue for half an year.

    Although I do love Apple product, but missing call really driving me crazy....

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    That's what I tried to say that it is fixed on the 18th of this month (tried saying how I know, but it was blocked from the forum)    

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    I have exactly the same problem.  seven out of ten phone calls I get,my Iphone 5 does not ring and later on I see the calls on my missed calls list.  A friend told me he left me a message but I never received it.  Please let me know if you got this issue solved.  I took the phone to the T-Mobile store where I bought it but they told me the phone was fine after they plugged to a diagnostic pprogram on their PC.  Help!! 

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    I am so frustrated with this issue and the more I read all the other people with similar problems at this forum, the more I think I should get a Samsung phone.  Now my question is:  Can I transfer all the contacts and calendar information I already have in my Iphone to a Sangung android?  Can that be done without too much trouble.  I have at least two thousand contacts on my address list and I can't transfer all that info manually.  Let me know.  Thanks for your help.

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    We have noticed an increase in frequency of incoming calls not registering and ringing on our iPhones as well. Calls are going straight to voicemail. This occurs on both of the two iPhones currently in our home.


    1st iPhone:  Silver 5S, 32gb, iOS 7.0.2, ATT

    2nd iPhone:  Black 4S, 32gb, iOS 7.0, ATT (Gold 5S will be delivered shortly  )


    From my search for a solution over multiple threads and from my personal experience:

    1) I do not think it is a phone issue. 4S and 5S are both experiencing this.  The issue did occur sporadically when both iPhones were 4S's.


    2) LTE issue?  I don't think so. Again, 4S and 5S are both experiencing this.


    3) iOS 7.0 issue?  Possibly. iOS 7.0.2 may not have corrected the bug, if one actually exists. The issue did occur sporadically when both phones were running iOS 6.x.x and when both iPhones were 4S's. Unfortunately, I did not notice if the frequency of the issue increased after updating from iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 7.0 during the 5 day period where both iPhones were 4S's.


    4) WiFi? This only seems to occur to the iPhone that is at home and on the wifi network.  However, this could be a function of and/or an interaction with 5).


    5) Location/Signal strength? I usually have one bar (circle), two at best.

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    I too have this problem and I am mentioning it on here so that it's known about.

    I'm really worried that it seems to be such a long standing unsolved problem, I thought it was just from the ios7 update recently and a bug update would fix it.

    I have been to the apple store and where I was told to reset various settings, none of which worked, but I am reluctant to go again because it's a living **** (birmingham uk store).

    I also have an issue that when I do hear and therefore answer a call, I can't hear the caller speak but they can hear me! It can also take days to get a voicemail notification, oh, and iMessage is very hit and miss.

    I also run a business from this phone so am very keen to get it sorted out.

    Please apple, sort it out.

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    This is from India. I have been using the iphone 5 for 2 months and have started to face the issue of missing calls. My carrier in India is Vodafone. As there is no LTE here yet, LTE doesnt seem to be the problem. Have now disabled the 'Do not Disturb', disabled Cellular data (so that browsing can be over wifi only, disabled Bluetooth. Hoping to see the issue does not persist.


    I am so disappointed with Apple. Have bought MacBook Air, iPhone 5 and iPad2. Only iPad2 seems to be working alright. The MBA had problems with wifi and the Apple store resolved it. They have not yet been able to resolve the CAPS lock issue.


    Will report back if tricks that I have tried worked or not. Not a happy Apple customer.

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    Still facing the same problem.