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Mac mini keeps freezing, not sure whats causing it... so its pretty random. Some times i can go days with out it happening some times its back to back. Heard theres some issues with using Google Chrome again? Did the original fix when mountain lion came out and didn't have the problem since until maybe 3 weeks ago? Before the freeze was so rare I honestly forgot about it. Just tried using my mini without chrome and it still froze on me. When it goes into this mode it overheats the mac as well and makes werid sounds. Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's my main computer right now.


Called Apple Care, they had me clear out the user and system cache. The freeze didn't happen for 4 days since, then today its happened 4 times in probably a 2 hour span apart. Will note more stuff as I can think of it.



Side notes:


Installed Programs
   -Adobe CS6 Master Collection

    -Google Chrome


     -Adobe File Transfer

    -Adobe Media Live encoder

Mac mini (Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)