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Yes I have a 2.4 Intel Macbook pro 15 inch, I know it's a little old but it still works pretty well.  My problem is the screen in Mac 10.8.2 is blurry.  It's been burry I think every since I installed 10.7.  I am thinking the video card is going bad but I am running Windows 7 in bootcamp and the screen is totally clear.  I hate running Windows 7, I'm a mac guy but for some reason everytime I go into 10.8 it's like my eyes start to hurt because I  think it's blurry or out of focus for some reason.  I don't really understand how or why.  Does anyone had this happen or know something I can do?  I am using Windows 7 pretty much full time now because of this issue but I don't really enjoy having my mac run Windows.