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Hi folks.


I have a 10.5.8 server with one main domain and a handful of VirtualHosts.  A new VH (example.com) doesn't have any "users" per se, because it's just for hosting web and email.  How can I set up email accounts?  I don't mind using the terminal and entering aliases into the /etc/postfix/virtual file. 


Do I have to create users on the box for this?  The admin account on the box is a fake user to begin with. 


I have looked at the docs and it seems that I have to create users somewhere for them to show up in the Workgroup Manager.  That seems a bit much considering this is only used for email and web.  So I thought I would ask here. 


I'd move to a new server, but it's expensive for a small company and the upgrade path hasn't been cheap. 


Any help appreciated.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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Doesn't seem reasonable.  Oh well.