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I was watching a video online yesterday on my ipad, closed the cover to move to another location when I opened the cover back up my ipad was acting funny.  Now I can't get the scroll function to work and to get any of the buttons to work I need to triple tap them.  Tried to reset by holding down the sleep button and the open/close buttons at the same time but all that does is alternate between a black screen and a screen with the apple logo.



If i let the battery run all the way down when I recharge will that reset the device?  any other suggestions on what to do?

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    It sounds like you had Voice Over enabled in the Accessibilty Settings. Are you are able to start the iPad now? It sounds like that is an issue as well.


    This explains how to turn Voice Over off and on.



    You don't need or necessarily want to let the battery run down at all. If you let the battery run down and then recharge, that will not reset the device.


    If the iPad is not responding at all, look through this for help in order to get the iPad up and running again, and then you can deal with Voice Over.