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I had several problems 4 days into my life with my new iphone 5. Flashing screen, exiting out of apps, not downloading apps... and I was driving 1400 miles in a rental with no navigation. On top of that... my iTunes program was only recognizing it as a 4s... even with new name. Wiped phone several times... no luck.


ATT and Apple got on a conference call... had me trade it in at nearest Apple store on my journey. Deleted iTunes, reinstalled. Still having same problem.


Someone mentioned that it might be in iCloud. The Apple store had me use my .mac email so I could backup my notes, even though I use my .live email for purchases.


Anyone know how to switch all of my purchases over to my .icloud or .mac account so I might be able to correct this problem? Or have any other ideas?


I still don't know if it's the phone or iTunes. Did get one scary flash on the screen and exit out of app when I first traded in and had to call home for old serial number just to make sure they actually made trade. They did.

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