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Hi all - I created a Slideshow in iPhoto and exported it to mobile, medium and display versions of M4V.  I can now view them from iPhone and iPad and within iTunes, but I'd really prefer to get the Display version to DVD so I can distribute it to the people involved with the slideshow AND know that not all (most) will run on Windows.  I'm a rookie way beyond my comfort level at this point    Thanks in advance for the assist - Sabrina


PS - BIG question - now I don't see my Slideshow in iPhoto.  Did I somehow delete it or is this normal when you export?  Yikes!

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    One way it to burn the m4V file to a DVD (might even fit on a CD, or a flash drive).  It can be played on a computer capable of playing video files with a modicum of familiarity on the part of the recipient with how to play video files on a computer.  Some DVD players can even play mp4 files (you'd have to check and you might need to rename the file so it ends in .mp4).


    The other is to 'author' a DVD such as the kind you would put in a television DVD player.  The best software for doing this is iDVD from Apple.  Apple pulled iDVD from its shelves.  DVDs are old-fashioned and everybody (at least everybody who spends money on computers) does things with the Cloud and online services now, right, so who wants icky old DVDs?  You view them with your MacBookAirs and your MacBookPros and on your AppleTVs and on your iPhones and iPods and other Apple goodies, not on television sets and (shudder) DVD players.


    1a) Buy an old iLife from a place such as e-bay or Amazon (https://discussions.apple.com/message/18750180 or http://www.megamacs.com/index.php?action=frameview&id=404733009&D=1).  Make sure it is a version that has iDVD.  Do not buy it from Apple since their version no longer has iDVD.


    1b) Depending upon which computers and discs you have you may be able to do a custom installation of the software using old system installer discs that had iLife bundled.


    2) Try a third party application (none have the features of iDVD though).


    Burn (free) - http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html - includes basic DVD authoring but you will definitely have to read the documentation.


    Easily Burn Movies to a DVD without Apple's iDVD. - http://www.creativetechs.com/iq/easily_burn_movies_to_a_dvd_without_apples_idvd. html - directions for using Burn to make a TV DVD.  Note, Burn also has a separate application which lets you do more fancy menus.






    Commentary on DVDs by Klaus1 - https://discussions.apple.com/message/18338996

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    Thank you!