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Where is iTunes essentials?

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    The thing with iTunes Essentials is that they are not like regular albums. What they are is a list of songs that originate from albums all around the Store. If a single song somewhere is removed or changed, and that song is listed as a part of the Essentials, then you won't see the essentials as available. That is if you are looking for a certain essential listting.

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    njhkeymom doesn't miss a song in an essential compilation but the link on the itunes store to the itunes essentials section. Me too, I searched for half an a hour and could not find a way on the itunes store main pages to access the essentials. You can access the essentials if you find a link to them from an album in the store. This is what I replied to another post, maybe this is of any help for you:


    "You can search for an album and hope that the page refers at the left hand side to a corresonding itunes essential. Click on the link to the essential and then browse back in the itunes essentials hierarchy. Oddly enough the highest level "itunes essentials" cannot be accessed. It seems as if the whole thing is under reconstruction. Maybe we'll get it back in itunes 11. Currently the situation is very annoying - same with imix / playlists."

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    I just downloaded the new iTunes 11. And now, it appears that iTunes Essentials are REALLY gone. I can't find them at all. Before, I would search for "80s hardcore", because that was one of the albums that I knew was there... and it would show up on the left hand side of the page, and I could get in that way. But now that doesn't seem to work either.


    I wish they would bring this back, does iTunes know how much music I found and bought because of the Essentials feature??? It's moronic to remove it.

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    I agree with the displeasure in being unable to find iTunes essentials anymore. This is just another example of apple's shooting themselves in their collective feet, just like maps on the iphone.

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    It is annoying. Getting rid of iMixes, Essentials, and Celebrity Playlists seems like a really dumb decision to me. The first two, especially, were great ways to discover new music that Genius doesn't come close to duplicating (Celebrity Playlists I could take or leave, but whatever). 


    Anyhow, for the time being, Essentials are still available through the web, here. Just click on "View in iTunes." The same applies to Celebrity Playlists, which are here.

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    Apparently you can get to Essentials via the web, but not from iTunes:


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    I accessed via web then found what I was looking for and clicked to take me to iTunes to buy,  However, the complete set is not available on iTunes.  Only the basic one.