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I think there was no similar report yet. Sorry if repeated.


I use podcasts app only on my iPad - no iTunes syncing or whatsoever - as simple as possibly could be in terms of functionality.


Background: I am subscribed to a posdcast of a radiostation programme where weekly usually same people give interviews. For example, each Tuesday the guy named A.B. is a guest of the programme. So each Tuesday episode almost always named: Interview - A.B. So 09.10.2012 there was episode named: Interview - A.B. then 15.10.2012 there is also an episode named Interview - A.B.


Problem: even though in the list of episodes I can see these two each with correct date stamp, when I tap 15.10.12 episode to play, it would play the previous episode (of 09.10.2012). I know it's the podcasts app bug, because good old iPod app would play everything correctly.


That's shamy.

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    Very similar problem for me.  A podcast has several different episodes per day broken down by hour.  It will totally mix up the files and names and descriptions, seemingly grabbing them from random days surrounding what it should be.  Sometimes two simlarly named files will play the same audio.  It's totally messed up.  I can't figure out any pattern for this either.


    Although I'm sure it happens for podcast episodes with titles that are not similar as well.

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    Ok, they've released an update. Promised to fix our problem. As it's said in release notes: "addresses an issue when old episodes reappear as new".

    Those podcasts episodes that were already synced to my list are still incorrect, but may be new would work fine. Please, write your feedbacks!

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    They fixed nothing! I can't stand this disgrace anymore. Don't tell me it is very difficult to make it working. It worked in iPod app. Apple doesn't even have to develop anything new - just reuse well working solution - and they screwed.


    Please, somebody, advice normal podcast manager, i.e. just any other than this Podcasts app.