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I think there was no similar report yet. Sorry if repeated.


I use podcasts app only on my iPad - no iTunes syncing or whatsoever - as simple as possibly could be in terms of functionality.


Background: I am subscribed to a posdcast of a radiostation programme where weekly usually same people give interviews. For example, each Tuesday the guy named A.B. is a guest of the programme. So each Tuesday episode almost always named: Interview - A.B. So 09.10.2012 there was episode named: Interview - A.B. then 15.10.2012 there is also an episode named Interview - A.B.


Problem: even though in the list of episodes I can see these two each with correct date stamp, when I tap 15.10.12 episode to play, it would play the previous episode (of 09.10.2012). I know it's the podcasts app bug, because good old iPod app would play everything correctly.


That's shamy.

iPad 2, iOS 6