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When I install itunes, I get the following error message: service 'Apple Mobile Device' (Apple Mobile Device) failed to start.  Verify that you have sufficient privleges to start system services.  Any ideas what to try?

itunes, Windows Vista
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    Not sure about djeanne, but this didn't help me at all. No matter what I do with uninstalling, deleting all apple files, downloading and extracting and reinstalling one by one, I still cannot itunes to install properly.  I'm convinced it has to do with the Apple Mobile Device Support file since I'm getting the same message as djeanne.  I also notice rollbacks happening when I try to install, but it goes by so fast.


    Anyone? Help?  I've been at this for almost 1 month now!  I refuse to go out to buy my iphone 5 until I can get iTunes 10.7 installed and working.

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    Furrymutts, I feel your pain!  I am grateful for the suggestion but it didn't help.  I tried it twice.  I am so frustrated, not sure what to try next!

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    Did anyone ever figure this problem out? I'm having the same issue and now, I can't even sync up my iPod, much less my iPhone.

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    Nope. I spent about 8 hours on this last weekend alone (not to mention the several hours over the last few weeks). *sigh* 

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    I had the same problem, and was able to resolve it this way.  All of these steps might not necessarily be needed, but I'm posting them all anyway.  In my case, I was running Windows 7 64-bit, and had just reinstalled iTunes because of stability problems. 


    First, temporarily disable any anti-virus programs.


    1)  When installing, I right-clicked on iTunes64Setup.exe, and chose "Run as administrator"

    2)  I still received the error message, but chose to ignore.  I tunes then launched. 

    3)  click the Windows start button (the windows logo on the screen).  Right-click on "Computer" and choose "Manage"

    4)  Click on "Services and Applications"


    5)  Click on "Services"

    6) Find the "Apple Mobile Device" Service from the list, and double-click on it

    7)  For startup type, choose "Automatic", then click on "Start"


    8)  Close iTunes, and re-open it.

    9)  Enable your anti-virus program again. 


    I hope this helps!  Good luck!

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    Unfortunately this didn't work for me because the part that won't install is the apple mobile device support file, therefore it won't show up under services.

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    I am in the exact same boat. Frustrated is an understatement.

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    I was able to rollback to the previous version of itunes, in which I was able to install and start AMDS, however the problem lies within the new version of AMDS imbedded in itunes 10.7. THere must be a compatibility issue with my version of Windows 7 (32) THe most likely senerio is that I will need to wait until the next version of itunes is released, and the and only then will I be able to sync my iphone5. Sadly, i regretting buying this phone as my 4 was flawless.

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    I agree. I also am able to re-install the previous version of iTunes with the previous AMDS, but can't get the new one.  It has to be something with the AMDS (I'm on Windws 7 (64)).  I'm not sure if the next version will resolve this though.  It seems some people have been able to install 10.7 and some like us haven't. I'm dying to get my iPhone 5 (it was supposed to be a birthday present to me a few weeks ago but I wanted to get the iTunes upgrade first).

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    I am running Windows 7.  This happened to me after I tried to download a book from   Not only didn't I get my book, I also got a message that something called Bonjour had been turned off.  I didn't think anything of it -- I don't use any of the devices or services listed in the error message -- but then I couldn't sync my 4s. 


    Anyway, the instructions at the link below worked like a charm:



    Hope this helps, Leslie

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    i got the above error on windows 7 x86.  i uninstalled itunes including 'apple application support', 'apple mobile device support' and the update program. rebooted and reinstalled 10.7 and it went through without errors.  i think another software install broke it

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    I've gone through every step mentioned above and others mentioned in the troubleshooting pages....none of them seem to help.  ITunes doesn't recognize my IPod and repeated attempts to un-install, install, restart the IPOD have not resolved my problems.  Has ANYBODY come up with a solution?  Hello?????  Apple?????


    Please send help.

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    Have you tried deleting all vestiges of iTunes (you may need to use Windows Cleaner), reloading your entire Windows OS and then downloading and installing iTunes?

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