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Mangboxmanok Level 1 Level 1

Paying with paypal is it possible?!

iPhone 4
  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8

    US only.

  • LuisiPod2012 Level 1 Level 1

    How about in-app purchases? It continues to say that the transactions has failed. I confirmed it in iTunes, but has had no effect.

  • Thailand Amulets Level 1 Level 1

    why US Only?


    i sell online with 4 stores and do extremely well with paypal

    Im in Thailand and it works perfectly.

    I have a saved shopping cart here and would buy movies and music in itunes all the time, but cant as i only use paypal Thailand banks wont issue a credit card to even a multi millionaire if hes foreign, so paypal is the only internatiinally trstworthy option


    i am apple user have many apple products but i cant even download a song movie or single app because there is NO way to pay

    there are milions of itunes and apple users justy like me.. think of all that extra money apple and let yourt users actually be able to BUY someting.. not only the 3% of the world with a credit card

    How totally dumb and frustrating it is to see a store that has loads of stuff you want to buy and they are too dumb to even find a way to take my money

    a store totally full up with stuff you really want, but can't buy in any method. Even phne the online assistance can not make a 150 thousand baht sale to me because no way of accepting the money. Seheez if my online store didnt take paypal that would be 20 thousand bucks a month less for me.. and im an individual entrepreneur.. just imagine how many hundreds of millions of dollars apple would make if they had paypal!

  • pygmyshrew Level 1 Level 1

    I live in Finland, and I'd like to buy something from Appstore, without walking first to the city center and buying a physical card and then copying that code by hand. Way too complicated. Why not allow Paypal in here too? I'm never going to add CC number to an account while my kids use the ipad too.