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I have had problems with my 5 cutting out mid-call. It's happened several times with different callers, which makes me think it's my phone. It gives me the 'call failed' screen. There is no apparent reason for it - no signal drop, for instance - and so I wondered if this is a common problem or whether I have a duff phone and need to return it. Thoughts?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Same thing happening here - happened twice today to me. A real pain.


    Seems to happen at the 10 minute mark from an incoming call.


    It's not a carrier problem - like you say, there's still signal - just simply cuts out.


    Any one got some feedback ?

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    Same problem here as we'll.  but on ip 4s I think it's a software issue, I have DVU my phone serval times and the issue goes away, then it's creeps back in, have picked up a new sim card today as apple store recon it a SIM card issue.


    Irecon its iso 6 never happens with 5.1

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    I've had the reception (tinny, robotic voice, intermitent voice quality) since purchasing my iPhone 5 two days ago.


    Yesterday I had to go to the Verizon store (sent there by online tech from Verizon).  I was talking on my phone to a friend as I drove to the Verizon store and as I pulled into the parking lot of the store (with 5 full bars on 3G) the call got dropped and "Call Failed" showed up on the screen.  I looked at the phone to make sure I had service and I did, full bars all the way ??

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    I've had the same problem as well.....has anyone returned their phone for checking/repair?

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    Very same thing started happening to me today. Full signal, but cannot speak to anyone when calling and they cannot hear me. 5 different callers today. Help please?!!! Do I need to return phone?

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    Same problem.  Apple TechSupport said 'not known problem' and suggested taking iphone 5 to local AppleStore.