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Ok so I was given a brand new iPad 3 as a gift on Sunday.  And since then my life has been stressful!!


Email: When I click on the email icon up comes a message saying Unable to Move Message, referring to one of the first emails I tried to delete. So, no email program then.


Music: My windows media files of literally hundreds of ripped CD's will not copy across. The system is not interested and the computer hangs after a few seconds. So no music program then.


Documents: I don't know how to get literally a decades worth of MS Word docs onto my iPad. The Doc app I downloaded has no instruction page, so I don't even know how to underline a heading (it's called Goodreader). So no document program.


Calendar: When I tried to sync my outlook calendar instead of syncing it, it wiped it clean and dumped the appointments onto the iPad. This means with no appointments now on Outlook, it has synced with Google Calendar and wiped Google calendar clean and in turn wiped my blackberry clean of a year's worth of appointments. I am royally and truly stuffed now.


I have run out of patience with this and I really, really need help!!

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi