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i have three Macs in my house and i know that i can control them remotely through Remote Desktop.


My mom lives in Germany and considers switching but i would have to be able to help her.


Can anyone confirm that it will work from the US to remotely support her?



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  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,815 points)

    Yes, ARD will work, but the issues involved in configuring the routers and dealing with often-shifting IP addresses can make it a headache. I'd suggest you consider instead one of the server-based remote control solutions such as LogMeIn which don't have most of those issues. I really don't think you want to try and get your mom to deal with router settings and reporting the IP address to you on a regular basis.



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    Yes ARD will work over the internet.   My current config has a mac at home that I can access remotely.  I also manage my mom's mac remotely - she has DHCP ip from service provide, a quick script on her mac (auto running) updates Dynamic DNS free DNS freedns.afraid.org so I can just use "mom.homesystem.org" (example)  and not worry about the IP address etc.


    There are several guides that can be found via searching google etc.

    Basically -

    Set up the remote computer with a fixed IP address

    Set up ARD

    Open 5900 and 3283

    Use a web page like http://www.whatsmyip.org/  to have your mom tell you her IP.

    connect remotely


    The guides I alude to above will detail all the bits needed and any config.  ONCE its setup she won't have to change any settings on the router, nor report the IP address.