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I don't load my music on my iPhone or iPad so I save space. I use home share to play my music in my house. Recently (since the last iTunes update), the music app on my iPhone and iPad only display 2 artists and not any others. My whole library is shared on my iMac and I am not sure why it is doing this.

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    Hi, I've found that if you sign out of home sharing on your device (ipad, iPod etc) then sign back in; all the songs/albums/artists reappear!


    I've found since ios6 I have to do this every week or so, possibly due to re-starts on my main computer where all my music is stored - but that is just a guess......

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    I spoke with the Apple TV tech regarding this Home Sharing "hiccup" and....EUREKA.....all aspects of Home Sharing are working as designed.  Remove your current iTunes and related programs, Restart, and then reinstall iTunes 10.7.  Follow the detailed instructions:


    Good luck to all!!

  • ddjeffries Level 1 (10 points)

    I signed out of home share on my iMac, iPad, and iPhone. But it didn't work. I noticed all the songs are listed under the songs tab on the iPhone and iPad but it doesnt list the albums and artists for some reason.

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    This link is for Windows. I have an iMac.

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    If you have an Apple device purchased within the last 90 days, Apple Support via phone at 800-692-7753 should be able to help you at no charge.  Good luck.

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    Ok so a little mixture of luck and perseverance here got all my music showing

    1. Kill the Music App
    2. Go to Settings, Music, and sign out of home sharing on your device and exit
    3. Load  up the Music App and check there is no existing media stream and that the sharing option is not available. If so exit and kill the app again and reboot
    4. Go back to Settings, Music and sign back in (you should now have to put in both your apple ID and password)
    5. Go back to the Music App then More then Shared. Select your Shared Library and now you full library should refresh with all content
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    Excellent - solved my problem, thank you

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    This solution, floating around the boards, only solves it temporarily and the problem does re-occur. We need a fix, hopefully in iTunes 11 as iOS 6.1 did not fix it. Apple should not be an eco-system of workarounds.

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    Sure hope apple fixes this problem.  Exact same problem occurs on both my iPhone 5 and Ipad 2 when accessing shared library on my imac.  All are running latest OS updates.  I can access shared library from a MBP without any problem.  I can do as suggested in the solution on this thread which will temporarily work but as soon as I put phone or ipad in standby and try to access shared library again problem reappears. 

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    Thanks for solving this.  Had same issue and the response from Mrfrogerson worked for me with my 5th gen iPod. Hopefully Apple comes up with a permanent fix in a future iOS update!  Thanks again! 

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    Thanks, it's great to have all my songs load again!

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    For now.

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    Does anyone know what Mrfrogerson means by "kill the music app"? I can't find that in a menu anywhere. Is it in reference to the iPad (the device that is proving absolutely useless when it comes to music sharing from iTunes on my media Mac), or on the Mac itself?  I assume his solution is helpful, and I'm grateful for it, but I'm having trouble following the terminology. Thanks for any help. I really am obliged to the folks in the discussions. If this isn't resolved here, I'll give up on the iPad.

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    Solution found! ????  All it took was for me to post a question here and for the Music app on the iPad to crash a couple more times, to be able, suddenly, to play tunes on my iPad from the shared iTunes library on my Mac. Still, if anyone knows what "Kill the Music app" means, I'll still be very grateful, in I'm not so lucky in future. And thanks to all for your patience.