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Hi Apple experts


I have a airport Extreme installed in my 120 m^2 appartment and it seems that in some rooms the wireless connection drops. Is it worth to buy an airport express and place it a coupe of meters away from the Extreme? The Extreme is placed in one end of the appartment so i need something at the other end.



I have 2 switches in my network because i have wired devises too. Do these affect my wireless connection.


So regarding the installation of the express: i know that the network Name, password and network type must be the same and that the Extreme has to be in that dhcp mode and the Express in bridge mode.


What about other settings because these is many other things to alter. For instance this radio mode, dose it have to be automatic or manually with 3-5 channels apart, what is the Best configuration?


Think you in advance

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    You can do what you describe. However, if the Express joins the network wirelessly to extend it you will half your overall bandwidth on the network. If possible, connect the two via ethernet and create a Roaming Network so your performance doesn't suffer. These kbase articles should help you pursue either path.


    Extended Wireless Network: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4259

    Roaming Network: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4260

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    I dont want to extend it wirelessly. Thats not the ideal solution and the performance is bad.

    I Will stick to roaming But there must be more settings to change than those i have mentioned in order not to make interference. The Apple article is very short in details and doesnt even tell me about the radio channel. It seems that they have marked it as automatic.

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    Rules for a roaming network:


    The "remote" wireless access point must.....


    Be configured to "Create a wireless network" using the same wireless network name as the main router

    Use the same Wireless Security Setting as the main router

    Use the same Wireless Network password as the main router

    Be configured in Bridge Mode




    Ideally, you would set the Radio Mode to the same setting as the main router or as close as possible


    Use the Automatic setting for Channel for best results.....or if you want to set Channels manually, assign channels that are at least 3-4 settings apart on the 2.4 GHz band. Just choose another channel on the  5 GHz band.


    The Automatic channel setting will scan to choose the best available channel to use. Otherwise, you have to guess at which channel to use.