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I have a new iphone 5 and I can't pick up a wireless router that I could use with my old iphone 3GS. Is there an issue with the new iphone and is the antenna weaker than the 3GS?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I'm sorry to hear you have this problem Magootiki.


    It is a well known issue with the IOS 6.

    You can report the problem to apple her :




    But you should also call them and let them know:


    U.S. iPhone technical support:

    (800) MY-IPHONE (800-694-7466)


    International Technical Support Numbers


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    There are a meriod of possible reasons why your iPhone 5 is not seeing your Wi-Fi Network.  While it could be one of several Router issues, it also could be your iPhone 5 harware or software.  There are a number of things you could try on your iPhone without changing your Router settings.  Firstly though, I am wondering if you have other Devices that are currently still working with your Router / Network. 


    If the answer is Yes, other devices are accessing Wi-Fi just fine, then we have to asume that your iPhone is currently exhibiting an incompatability.  My guess is that it is Software rather than Hardware.  As such, I think it would be premature to run down to the Apple Store and exchange your iPhone. 


    I guess the first thing I would do is go to Setting > General > Cell and turn Data to "Off".  Then go back into Settings > Wi-Fi and try to see if the Network is now discovered.  If yes, select it and see if you can Join.  Don't give up too soon, as I have found that in certain Wi-Fi Networks it can take the iPhone 5 up to 15 or 20 minutes to make the connection once the Network is in-fact "Discovered".  If this doesn't allow your iPhone to "Discover" your Network then go to Setting > General > Reset (bottom of page), and select Network (Reset).  Now go back and see if Setting > Wi-Fi discovers the Network and if you can join. 


    If that doesn't work then you may need to try one more thing prior to getting Apple Support involved.  Try Resetting the iPhone 5 to Factory  Settings.  This will require that you connect to iTunes and Backup your iPhone's contents.  To do this on your computer you will need to go into your iPhone and turn iCloud Backup to "Off" first.  You will also need to transfer any "Purchasers" from your iPhone to your iTunes first.  Now you can do a full Backup and after that a Reset.  When asked if you want to Apply and Setting Changes that you may have put on your iPhone Say "No".  What you will have after the Reset is an Opportunity to Setup the iPhone from Scratch as a new out-of-the-box iPhone 5.  Follow the screen-led instruction to do this Setup.  Don't worry about your former Content (Apps, Music, Photos, etc.) as you can Sync back to all that stuff latter. 


    Now take your New iPhone and try to connect to your Wi-Fi.  The Setup procedures will specifically provide a Pop-Up that gives you the chance to Connect to your Wi-Fi.


    If none of this works make an appointment by for an AppleCare Call or Store Visit.  Good Luck!

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    Please read this :




    Well I copyed it to you here.

    Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?

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    Having done a lot of reading today and having found a very good online tablet magazine (will post link tomorrow) there seems to be a few tech bods onto the problem.


    The magazine I was reading identified wifi problems within hours of the ios 6 release and have been analysing since then with almost daily updates - the story seems to be:


    The apple authenthication transmission is normal, it should slip through event prior to a full handshake with the host network being completed - however if not authenthicated then apple will not permit the device to connect (kills the connection) this is designed to protect apple from counterfeiting. So thats problem 1 if you dont receive a token from apple.


    Problem 2 is that ios 6 only supports ipv6 (the new ip protocol) whereas outside silicon valley a large proportion of routers modems etc are still ipv4 protocol.


    So youre locked into ipv6 in a world where ipv4 devices are everywhere and apple have not allowed for the ability to handle both protocols. This is like GM telling you your car requires an upgrade, everything will improve etc and as part of the upgrade fits a fuel cell motor and stays silent when their upgraded vehicles are simply parked up because they cannot get fuel.


    A very basic expectation would have been dual protocol handling - we know the HW supports ipv4 as all wad fine on ios5.


    So its going to be hit and miss with networks - more hit than miss in techy areas like silicon valley, but more miss in places like where I am - a small town in rural Switzerland.


    Only apple can fix this with a patch to enable ipv4 protocol handling.


    There you go. you just need to buy a new router, I'm sure Apple has one for sale, cause it's not there fault for sure.

    Wonder why people start to migrate to other devices ?