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Does anyone have a flickering play button on the top right corner?  I got the 30pin to lighting adapter and plugged it to my GTI and i would see the play icon flashing constantly. the IPHONE integration does not work.  My friends iphone 5 worked just fine when we tried his.  Not sure if its a setting or bad hardware?

iPhone 5
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    I had/have this same issue. When my iphone was full and ran out of space I ended up going into settings and deleting all of my music. When i did that, it kept the playlists and songs int the "Music" app but had no link to the actual songs on my phone because i deleted them. So whenever i would try to play a song it whould try to play one that i nolonger had on my phone and just keep retrying and got stuck in an infinite loop and thats why i saw the flickering play button.


    not sure of the full solution but i know thats the cause. Tonight i am going to try to plug my phone in through itunes and remove broken songs that way