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   I  have a G3 Blue & White - 400Mhz cpu - 768 MB ram. I installed Mac OS 9.0.4 on it today. It's not doing very well on the internet it has Internet Explorer 5 that installed with the OS. Can anyone recommend a browser that could work well on this G3? Or is it to old to expect anything more than it has now.

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    Use iCab or Classilla.



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    Thanks for the browser info it seems like it might work well but having a few problems. When I go to websites it will tell me to enable javascript, I can't locate it haven't been on a Mac in years. I tryed to unblock cookies and also unblock images but those settings will revert back to, blocking them. I tryed going to software update, but that came back with, update did not find new or updated versions of your software. I thought maybe javascript needed to be updated? And OS 9 is more than likely no longer supported? So if you have anything I could try would appreciate it.


    Also if I may add to this post. This G3 blue and white computer came with Mac OS X. But I couldn't reset the login password and didn't have the original OS CD, so couldn't get into it. The computer probably hadn't been run in years. I had to replace the pram battery, date was 2003. And had to replace the ram.To get it to start.

    Then I installed Mac OS 9.0.4, because I couldn't get into OS X without the password.

    I had saved the entire software pack from a iMac DV I bought in 2000. What I've read is, that OS disk would be specific for that iMac only, it installed on the G3.

      I don't think the computer hard drive reformatted with the install of OS 9? The OS only took about 15 minutes to install. I didn't see a reformat window come up where I could make a choice.

      My question is, would OS X still be on this G3? Or was it removed with the OS 9 install? I don't know how to locate it if it still is?

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    Update I found javacript and able to run the internet but terribly slow. My guess is not being able to get a newer browser with OS 9. I seem to think OS X may run newer browsers but probably lost it when installing OS 9.


      I found this old post by Don Archibald. The 3rd post from the bottom refers to holding down the X key while restarting and a alternate method of holding down a combination of keys. So far that didn't show if OS X is still on the computer. So hopefully if anyone shows up they may be able to offer some advice.




    Also I maxed out the ram today, to 1 gig on this G3. But that didn't help with internet at all, but the OS runs well.

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    iCab should work reasonably well on that generation. Last tested a year ago or so in Mac OS 8 and 9. I do not remember whether OK even in 7.6.x.