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Safari didn't use to do this.

Even on these forums, when you hit the back button to go back exactly where you were at, if there are new posts, the entire page may have changed. I knew exactly the next post I wanted to look at before the page was refreshed. Now, I can't even find the post I wanted to read unless I scroll through the entire list again.


I need to be able to go back to the page I was just on and not have it refresh.

I need to go back exactly where I was.


Safari can't even go back properly as it wants to go back near the top of the last page I was on.


I need it to go back exactly where I was at.


I have no idea what the engineers are thinking about this one.


FireFox works properly when going back to the prior page.


I have long lists on pages I work with.

For example:

1. through 1,000.

If I am on reference number 500 on the previous page, when I hit back, it goes all the way back up to around 20 in the list.

I have to then scroll manually page down to 500 where I was at.

This is tedious, cumbersome and unnessesary.

Safari was much better before it was updated to this horrible behavior.


I don't know of any preferences you can change to change this odd behavior.

Anyone know of anyway to stop this horrible behavior in Safari?


This is like reading a book, but when you go back a page, the entire page may have changed and I have no idea where I was at.

Pretty $iss poor in my opinion.

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