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I have iPhone 4S and iPad, both runing iOS 6. All software on MacBook Pro is up to date. The Devices menu is missing. They are plugged into chargers, right next to the Mac.


I plugged each directly into a USB port, and iTunes Devices recognized each. I sync'ed and backed up each. As I unplugged each, it disappeared from Devices. I restarted the Mac and the iPad was recognized, but only once. The iPhone was not recognized.


I powered down each one and restarted them. iTunes recognized each and began automatically sync'ing it. I quit iTunes and relaunched. Only the iPhone was recognized and autosync'ed. I quit and relaunched iTunes. Neither one appeared.


Finally, I powered down all devices. Restarted Mac and iTunes. Restarted iPhone and iPad. Both were recognized. Shut down iTunes and restarted. No devices recognized.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    This troubleshooting article




    suggests powering down and restarting everything, including the WiFi router. I did all of this. The problem was resolved only temporarily! After two quits and relaunches of iTunes, the Devices menu failed to appear, again.


    Apple needs to recognize a problem in iOS 6 and/or iTunes 10.7.

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    I have had the same issues with my iphone 4s and ipad.  I thought it might have something to do with upgrading my older (late 2007) mb pro to Lion.  Sounds like you are still on mountain lion and having the same issue so maybe it is something in the ios or itunes software.  Odd though as I tried today to sync at home on my older mb pro and my iphone did not show in itunes.  Tried it on my office imac (much newer but same os and itunes version) and it showed up!  Just wondering if my older mb pro is not fully compatible with lion and itunes 10.7.  Maybe time for a new one!