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When my Mac is put in sleep mode or times out and goes to sleep mode the Time Machine BU external drive cannot be accessed for backup anymore. The computer has to be shut down and or restarted in order for the computer to recognize the Time Machine external drive. Why?


If, I allow this to state of not recognizing the external drive, configured as a Time Machine drive, the dumb software keeps on prompting me that the drive cannot be found. How can I turn this off?


I'm ready to toss the Time Machine software and use Carbon Copy Cloner (would miss the cool time machine effects, but that is minimal) for backup which works well and doesn't give me a lot of grief about not finding the backup drive.

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Solved by Neville Hillyer on Oct 19, 2012 7:17 AM Solved

I don't use Time Machine but I wonder if this is something to do with your external drive going to sleep.