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I have a PowerBook 2005 with 10.3 and a seperate disk with OS 9 when I installed I could choose between 12 languages customize ( We do not install all do we? ,but just installed Finnish and English) . That seems the only Customized multi lingual OS 9 ,the other earlier OS 9 that are on the same Disk as 10.3 or 10.2 are in Japanese only and when yo instlla the bundled OS 9 a restore install forces you to use Japanese and does not change with the language preferences when logging into Finnish.


Finnish is mixed with English when using different Applications or OS 9 menus ,but it has a speech help balloon that explains in both En or Fi on different  parts what the mouse pointer hovers over a , I was wondering if I can get it to work like Googles Language Immersion which highlights words on English text only in 1 of 50 languages you can chose ,but not from language you want into English.


OS 9  Is limited but with bilingual usage it is good to learn a language at the same time using Applications.