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I own a vintage "LC II" (a.k.a. "Macintosh Performa 400") with System 7.x installed years ago. Unfortunately I am not able to login to this baby anymore, because after the initial boot screensaver will fireup and lock the screen with a password.


I would like to know either if;


1) is there any key–combination or such to "unlock" screensaver/login?

2) is there any key–combination to "reset things"?

3) is there a easy–to–follow guide to create installation floppies to reinstall from scratch?



Macintosh Performa 400, Other OS, System 7.x
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    Mac OS7 didn't come with a screensaver, so what you are seeing must be a third-party saver. Most of those had the option to set up a password to exit the saver, but it's programmed into the saver, not the OS. Therefore it's unlikely that any keyboard shortcuts that are part of your operating system will be able to get around a password that is part of an application.


    The only keyboard thing that might work short of a system floppy is to start with extensions off by holding the SHIFT key until you see a message that extensions are off. Some savers rely on extensions so this should effectively neuter them so you can then get to the extensions folder and drag any screensaver components out of the system folder.

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    Hi Allan,


    thank you for quick reply. At this point I am not so sure if is it the screensaver's password that I am seeing, or some other screen of operating system's; but I am 100% sure it is not related to third–party stuff, because (1) at the time I was 6-7 years old and had done nothing but painting stuff and so on, (2) I had no internet connection or floppies to install third–party staff from...


    What else do you think it might be then?



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    Do you remember which version of OS7? Apple used a primative version of what today is multiple users with parental control. Can't remember the name for the life of me, and our only similar Mac runnig OS7 (a Performa 475 with 7.1) is short a PRAM battery and not set up.


    Maybe it was the Launcher or Easy Access--too many gray hairs protecting my brain! Whatever it was set up a tabbed window with launch icons. A parent could set up a page for each kid that was the only accsss for that kid. We quit using it on the 475 becasue it ate a lot of that expensive 1990s  RAM (US$280 for an 8MB module!!!) plus made the computer unstable.


    The shift-start might get you access to that function for disabling it.

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    Unfortunately I don't remember, but according to WWW it must be anything between 7.0.1–7.5.5.


    Allan, how does "shift thing" works exaclty? Should I press and hold pressed shift before powering up and keep it pressed until I see "a message that extensions are off"?




    P.S.: any suggestions if I wanted to download System 7.5.5, create floppies and install from scratch somehow?

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    At Ease.

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    Yes. Hold down shift as you start up. Keep holding it for a long time.


    If it comes up and lets you in, move anything with At ease in its name into another Folder (I use "HIDE"). Then restart.

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    Thanks Grant! I killed off even more brain cells trying to think of that name.




    You can look at this Apple site for the software.


    http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English -North_American/Macintosh/System/Older_System/


    You can get through 7.5.3 at no charge and the updaters to 7.5.5 are also there. I beleive you must get the files to a Mac with a floppy drive that recognizes low-density disks to make the startup floppies. I bet Grant remembers better than I do.

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    Look at the sizes of the files. About 800K are 2DD, about 1.4MB are HD diskettes. Compression tends to make them somewhat smaller, but not more than half their uncompressed sizes.


    The break happened early in System 7 history, so that 7.0 was issued mainly on 2DD (800K) diskettes, 7.1 was issued mainly on HD (1.4MB diskettes).


    HD diskette format is similar enough that it CAN be written on a PC drive, but requires a stunt program to get the format correct.


    Apple 2DD format used a drive with a multi-speed motor, so it can only be written on a drive that shipped in a beige Mac.

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    Allan and Grant, thank you very much guys! I will try this out ASAP and let you know. Cheers.

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    Provided its running 7.5 you can also hold down the cmd key to load the extension manager and only disable the screensaver.

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    Hi Grant,


    thanks for your answer. As soon as I will get my hands back on my old friend Macintosh, I will definitely let you guys know.



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    If you are serious about working on any old mac, think about finding an external external hard drive or older zip drive.  Each Zip disk can have a different system.  Even system 8.1 fits on a 100 Meg disk.  The SCSI port was part of the high price of the early macs but was greatly under valued by users.  You can boot from the external SCSI port and do ANYTHING you want to the original system folder.



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    I just want to bring my old friend back in life, that's all. Thanks anyway... Cheers.