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I am using iChat and now Messages often to compare files with a fellow graphic designer friend of mine. usually we just send screenshots, image files, EPS etc.


Recently attached images show up in empty speechbubbles – or rather do not show up. We have to open the File Transfer window and click the download button. This then downloads a zipped folder, rather than just the image.


Can this be turned off again? and if - how?


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    I have heard of this but not seen it myself.


    I have also heard of the File Transfer Window stating "waiting" next to a file or pic.

    This is then connected to the IMFileTranferAgent (I am not sure that is the precise name)showing in the Activity Monitor (It normally comes and goes so quickly on Transfers you may not read the name)


    If the item is Quit in the Activity Monitor then the Files tend to "download".


    There is no setting to create Zipped files (so no way to cause it to end either).


    There are two places where this info could be stored.

    com.apple.iChat.plist  (Messages still uses  this one) which stores the List of File Transfers that appear in th File Transfer Window  (see Window Menu).

    The com.apple.imagent.plist  This one holds odd things such as the way the Buddy lists display the iTunes data.

    It also shows if the Mic is Off in the Video menu but not the Camera (odd that , but changing the setting alters the Modified time of the .plist)




    In the Finder > Go Menu > Hold ALT key down > Select Library that appears > navigate to Preferences

    Drag .plist one at a time to the Trash then restarting Messages each time.







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