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Does anyone else have one of these & do you have the same issue?  I e-mailed Plantronics support & their answer was that they were aware of the problem and was working with Apple.  They suggested I come here and look for answers. 

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    I have the same issue.  I knew my M50 worked fine with my iPhone 4 so when it no longer worked consistently with my new iPhone 5 I went into the Apple Store where they exchanged my phone on the spot.  Same issue.  I contacted Plantronics and was sent a warranty replacement M50.  Same issue still  Sounds like an engineering issue to me.


    By way of further info, my problem is that the unit has frequent dropouts when outdoors, to the point where it is simply not usable.  Inside my apartment it seems to work fine, although the phone is never more than a few feet from the headset.  Outside unless I hold the phone at chest level or above, I get very frequent dropouts.

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    I'm also having issues with my M50 and my iPhone 5.  This headset worked perfect on my iPhone 4.  Now I can get it to connect and sometime during the call I hear this high pitched click and then I lose connection.  I have to get on my phone and change my source back to my iPhone then change it back to my headset and it comes back.  I've also had episodes where my headset will screech in my ear and doing the above process eliminates that.  Plantronics has offered to replace my headset but I think this is more of an iPhone software issue.

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    Same issue for me. M50 worked perfect for a year with iPhone4, and since iPhone 5 (updated with latest OS) I have frequent cut outs. One observation from a friend was that he could still hear me while I could not hear him anymore.

    Any help from Apple?