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since I moved, but have the same wifi password, wifi is on, still no backups on any of my devices?  I have plenty of storage space and I keep getting the message that backup could not be completed.  Am on mt lion os


Using ipad2

Ipohone 4s

Macbook pro 2012

Macbook pro 2008

iOS 6
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    If you get the message "Backup not successful",  I had the same problem.


    My solution was to turn off some apps (Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>manage Storage, tap my device name in the Backups section, then look under Backup options) and try a manual backup.  If it didn't work, turn off a few more apps and try a backup.  Keep doing that until the backup works.  Then try adding in some of the last batch of apps that were previously turned off - the objective is to find the app that causes the backup to fail.  For me, I suspect that the one app I found had a bad data file that, when included in the backup, caused the backup to quit.


    This can be a long process if you have a lot of apps that you originally turned on for backups.