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I've setup messages server on my ML server.


Its working fine with messages on my iMac clients, but i'm struggling to find a good client for my iPads


I've tried BeeJive which I can't even get to connect to my server.


I've also tried Monal, but its being flaky.  It will connect, but on some clients it will show the list of connected users, and on others it won't.  I've looked through settings and can't find any differences. It even seems that sometimes the client list shows and other times it doesn't.  The other problem I have is that if i try to send messages from the client iMacs to multiple ipads (each with its own messages account), they come through as a chat room, but there are several problems:

-replies to the group don't go through at all

-if one of the clients that you try to send is offline, none of the recipients get the message


Can someone recommend a good jabber client to use?    Why on earth does apple no provide a client for their own Message service on iOS?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion
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