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I have my firewall turned on and I am using a Time Capsule. I have a domain name and I have DynDns setup for mac add-in. I can not make my VPN recognized locally or externally. When I had Lion server I could at least make the local work to my MacAir and my iPad. Now I am making no headway. I would like to use my VPN externally as well as my web domain. I can ping my web domain from outside successfully Am I missing some ports?.

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    OS X Server no longer has a tool to manipulate the firewall with any more nuance then on/off, roughly speaking.

    It just lets all Apple Services that you have turned on at the server app receive connections, unless you upgraded to Mountain Lion from Lion Server, in which case the previous firewall settings from Lion Server are still in place.


    On the router you need to grant access to a number of ports, but I take it you have already done so because it used to work under Lion Server. So if you haven't changed anything it should be ok.


    Please look here for a good guide on setting up VPN.