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So I've tried all the fixes shared on these discussions.

Rebooted the app, forced hard reset, turned off safari sync, turned off icloud, forced itunes to overwrite bookmarks (just got duplicates that time), deleted icloud...

All with no change to the problem: 

Can't add, edit or delete a bookmark. Either no response or 'bookmarks are syncing' but no changes.  And the reading list is stuck on 'waiting'.


Apple support is working on this but so far they have no fixes for me.  Maybe someone else out here has been successful?

I am not ready to do the database-bot-zip edit thing mentioned elsewhere.

I just want to make sure there isn't anything else to try before wiping the ipad and setting it up all over again (and no guarantee the bookmarks bug won't still be there).


Thanks everyone,




IOS 6, 2 weeks ago

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 6
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    I'm having the same problem. Updated to iOS6 and all seemed fine until today when suddenly all my bookmarks vanished!!!


    Only ones left are ones that came with the iPad ie. yahoo, apple, etc. No matter what I do I cannot store any bookmarks. Very frustrating...


    Apple please sort this out....


    In the meantime any help on this forum is appreciated...





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    Anyone  have any ideas for this?

    Apple was to have looked at this but I have not heard back from them after several calls with my case number.





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    Hi...I reset the iPad by switching off and on again and that seemed to do it!!


    Good luck !!

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    No - I've done that a bunch of times. 

    "Rebooted the app, forced hard reset, turned off safari sync, turned off icloud, forced itunes to overwrite bookmarks (just got duplicates that time), deleted icloud..."


    Apple confirms there is a corruption IN the bookmarks file.  If I could even just DELETE the file and start over...

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    I have the same problem.  First, visited an Apple store nearby.  None of the "Geniuses" could figure it out, and then even their top "Genius" (and I use the word loosely) who they called in desperation could do anything but treat me condescendingly, telling me something idiotically simple.  I went away quite dissatisfied, and will make my feelings known to several Apple executives, as if they care about anything but their compensation. 


    Spent over 90 minutes the next night on the phone with a higher tier expert than the first-line call-answerers, and she was ultimately stumped.  Promised to call the next night at 8:30 and did not.  I wouldn't be surprised if HER boss told her to not call because they don't know what they're doing and dont' understand how badly the coders screwed this one up. 


    ANY APPLE PERSON READING THIS??  YOUR iOS6 DEVELOPMENT TEAM SCREWED THIS ONE UP REALLY BADLY AND YOU AREN'T EVEN INTERESTED IN FIXING IT.  SAFARI IS USELESS TO US EVEN THOUGH WE INVESTED A OT OF TIME (AND MONEY) IN THE PRODUCT AND ITS CARRIER, THE IPAD.  I'm switching to Chrome, while your uselessly disabled nothing takes up valuable space on my iPad and the 1600+ duplicated bookmarks exist somewhere in the ether and there's no way to delete them.  NICE WORK, APPLE.  MISERABLE LACK OF CONCERN.  Very republican of you.

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    OK, it's Nov 25, 2012, and I'm running out of patience. I too have the same problem with our iPad using iOS 6. Bookmarks were reverting back to date added - by themselves. Then one day, upon restarting the iPad, all the bookmarks vanished.


    Hey Apple! Exactly 25 days 'till Christmas! You've got 10 days until I shop for 3 new iPads, OR, 3 new Android tablets. in 11 days, I'll post a follow up, which may start a whole new topic: the virtues of leaving the heard behind (removing myself from the sheep heard of apple users)!

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    I can't believe apple hasn't responded to you poor guys! What are they hiding? And why are they hiding? Guess it was a big Ooooooppppssss. Even a polite "We're working on it" would be appropriate.

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    I ended up calling apple after not being able to get into their case follow up website for my very own case.

    Basically, we wiped the ipad out and started over; and they encouraged me to have the ipad mirror my iphone; even though the ipad is my husbands and the iphone is mine.  (You still can customize the texting, icloud backup, etc even tho you share an apple/itunes id) 

    But the bookmarks were so screwed up even after that, we've had to spend all kinds of time getting rid of TONS of duplicates.  It looks like every time I asked icloud to turn off and back on to try and get a fresh copy, it just added bookmark copies here and there.  Not just separate folders, but SOME bookmarks within folders got 4 and 5 copies made; others got none.

    And are they mirroring each other (OUR bookmarks on the 2 devices)?  NO.

    So wiping out and resetting up your unit does not make a difference.  I just hope the next ios update helps. 

    Apple did say they were eventually going to give you the ability to edit your bookmarks thru icloud.com like you can with calendar, contacts, emails. 

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    Is ANYONE working this problem?  I have the identical problem on iOS 6.1.2  (iPhone 4S).  Problem surfaced immediately at iOS6 release.  If iCloud account has Safari switched "on" battery drains in minutes.  Duplicate bookmarks generating at an accelerated rate -- ~10,000 duplicates from ~1,000 over few days when iCloud has Safari switched on.

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    I had this problem too. If you go into Safari App on your iPhone and open Bookmarks, if there are multiple Bookmark Bar folders, then that is what is causing your iPhone to constantly try to sync to iCloud resulting in battery drain, overheating and excess cellular data use..


    The solution is:

    1. iTunes > backup iPhone

    2. download clean bookmarks.db file from web (search discussion forums - someone has provided Dropbox link to download this file - should only be about 4kb in size. My corrupted bookmarks.db file on my iPhone was 4MB in size)

    3. download and install free trial of iBackupBot for Mac or PC

    4. In iBackupBot App > Import > clean bookmarks.db file into latest backup you created in step 1.

    5. iBackupBot > restore to iPhone


    It took me all of 5 minutes to get my iPhone under control after putting up with this for the past few months.