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Hey guys,


I have a DVD that includes footage that I wish to edit in FCP.


I've tried converting the VOB file with compressor, QT, Handbreak and multiple other programs, but the footage comes out CHOPPY.


So what are the best SETTINGS that I could use with whatever program to convert the vob file to a QT file? A file that looks good and I could also edit.


Thanks in advance,


Final Cut Studio '09
  • Nick Holmes Level 7 (29,990 points)

    Get a copy of MPEG Streamclip (free) and then read my tutorial here: http://www.secondchairvideo.com/?p=739

  • unknownmaster Level 1 (5 points)

    I am exporting via this program now as I write this.


    I wasn't aware of the settings you mentioned, so I'll try yours if I don't get it right based on what I did.


    I am editing in an HD timeline and the DVD is from HD footage, though its been probably compressed to fit in the DVD.



  • Brad Wright2 Level 3 (700 points)

    All DVDs are standard definition, so you will notice a significant difference between HD and SD in the timeline.  I would recommend not upsizing the video to HD if you have Final Cut 7.  I would recommend exporting the video at 8 bit uncompressed anamorphic so that it isn't stretched horizontally. 

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    Hi Guys,


    So I tried Nick's suggestion, but the end video is still has problems with "interlacing"


    The movements in the video appear like this: http://www.100fps.com/distortion3.jpg



  • unknownmaster Level 1 (5 points)

    BTW, When exporting, I'd used Pro Res.

    I have also used mkv and mp4 in other programs with no luck.

  • darbypsnm Level 3 (720 points)

    Uncompressed 8 bit will be higher quality and a larger file. How much better it will look than PR422 is neglible if at all noticable.


    You can set an in and out point in Mpeg Streamclip. Select a small problem area and do some tests.

    Try playing with field dominance and deinterlacing. Since you are taking this into a upper field or progressive HD sequence you will probably want to try deinterlacing for best integreation.

    There is no point in exporting a different size than 720x480 as that is what the size of the source video is.


    If the video is 16x9 but is coming out 4x3 you can change this in quicktime via command+J after you fix the interlacing issue. 853x480 are the dimensions for 16x9 SD.


    Final Cut's columns will tell you if it is recognizing your tests 16x9(anamorphic is checked) and whether the interlacing is upper, lower, or none(progressive).

  • unknownmaster Level 1 (5 points)

    Trying 8-bit now.