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Why do I have to re-download purchased tv shows? It takes an hour to download a show I've deleted from my IPad. I live in Germany so I can't watch American Tv shows very often. I download the purchased shows from ITunes, then after a while delete from my IPad. As a result, when I want to watch tv on myApple TV I have to wait at least an hour for the show to download. Sometimes I don't have time to wait until it downloads. How can I save the downloaded version so I don't have to keep waiting?

AppleTV 2, iOS 6
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    You have iTunes set to delete the show(s) after some amount of time.  This probalby needs to be done as they take up a lot of space and can quickly fill up your iPad or computer.  When you bring up the show on Apple TV are you looking under "TV shows" or "Computer".  If you want to view your local content you need to look under "Computer".  Everything under "TV Shows" on AppleTV is streamed from iCloud.  Last but not least even if you do have to stream it the show should start in less than a minute after it is selected unless there is a serisus network connection issue.