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Been having a **** of a time trying to sync via wifi with my iPhone 5.


Long time iPhone user here so I know what to do and I'm doing everything right.

My iPhone 3GS works like it should while my iPhone 5 sometimes shows up in itunes sometimes it doesn't.

When it does it takes a long time for it to show up. Like 10-15 minutes after I plug it in the power outlet. (3GS shows up instantly) Can't figure out why.

I've changed my network settings to static IP, enable the ports etc. nothing helped fix the problem.

Could it be bad hardware components with my phone?

iPhone 5, iOS 6, sync with Win XP, itunes
  • puneboy.p69 Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    yup, the sync is very flaky. another ios feature!

  • LSRS77 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I will add to this discussion.  Same problem.  Went from 3GS to 5.  Sync'd using the 3gs name which was replaced by the 5.  3GS now off the system.  Get a warning message that iTunes does not regonize the phone half way through the sync.  The first sync had no issues, ever since then....blah. 

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    Just going to throw my two cents in because this fixed my problem of my iPhone not showing up in my iTunes list as an available device even though I did have "sync with this iPhone over wifi" checked.  I have port forwding set up in my router and I have come to realize that port forwarding doesn't play well with uPnP.  All I did was disable uPnP in my router then all four of my devices magically appeared back in the devices list in iTunes.

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    Thanks for sharing that tip but unfortunately disabling uPnP doesn't seem to have fix my problem.

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    My iPhone 5 is intermittent, at showing up, when I open iTunes as well.  It seemed fine at first, but once it was all setup it seemed to be absent most of the time, while my other 3 regular devices showed up faithfully (iPad, iPad 2, and iPhone 3GS).

    I noticed that I could initiate sync from my iPhone 5 in "Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Sync Now) and that would bring it up in iTunes and Sync it.  That's what I've been doing, when it doesn't show up in iTunes, which seems to be most of the time.  Kind of a pain, but until I find a permanent fix it works for me.

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    This did not work.  I can get the phone to be recoginized by hard wiring it to iTunes, it see's the phone and says its sync'ing but it's not.  Yes I do see the sync on both sides and yes I do have the option selected for WiFi in iTunes.  Even when iTunes is up on the phone will not sync Wifi (it's grayed out).  The hard ire sync does not do anything.  Very frustrating

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    It almost sounds like your computer is confused as to what phone it is syncing with.  You said you used the 3GS name for the iPhone 5.  When I setup my new iPhone 5 I used a new unique name and left my 3GS Phone as is.  They both work for syncing, but the iPhone 5 doesn't always show up when opening iTunes.  That's where initiating syc from my iPhone 5 comes in.  When I initiate sync from iPhone 5 it immediately shows up in iTunes and syncs.  This, of course, is all over Wi-Fi.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help!

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    Oh that's exactly what's going on, but thw whole idea of iTunes is to upgrade exactly that way...too bad its only theory

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    Same experience here. I am able sometimes to initiate the sync from my phone when it doesn't show up in iTunes but like you the sync option is often grayed out. FYI I did name my iPhone5 a different name than my 3GS.

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    Discovered another bug!


    I plug it in now since wifi won't work. I select the playlist I want to sync everything seems to transfer but playlist don't show up on phone although in iTunes when I look what on the phone it says it's on there. Needless to say I'm getting majorly fed with this disastrous iPhone 5.

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    Furthermore trying to play music from my phone to airtunes cuts in and out so definitely something wrong with the wifi. Still don't know if it's iOs, or my actual phone that's broken somehow.

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    Well not sure if this will work for other people but I'm happy to report that my WIFI problems, whether connecting to iTunes or streaming music from my phone to Airtunes appear to have disapppear by installing iOS 6.0.1 which makes me quite happy! Now if the fast battery drain could be address that would make the iPhone5 the best ever for sure.

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    Windows user here. What finally fixed this for me was to go to "Firewall - > Allowed Apps" and make sure that the "Bonjour Service" is allowed in both network types

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    Actually I spoke too fast. My iPhone5 still doesn't show up in iTunes. Plus streaming from it to Airtunes cut off all the time.Maybe something wrong with the unit itself. With 3GS works better in that regards.

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