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    There is no link available. The download links available are only for updates, not the original system.  I already mentioned that you need your install disk. Please read my earlier post again. If you don't have them, call Apple, give them your serial number, and they will send you install disks for a nominal charge. You definitely need the install disk - not only for emergencies like this, but for any reinstall, or if you want to sell your Mac.

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    Sarah --


    Want you did is something like seeing that your car is getting slower and throwing away half the engine.  You just can't do that.  So yes, call Apple and ask for a replacement disk.  And if you have problems in the future, come here first, and ask for advice.  We'd be happy to help you avoid the mess you're in now.

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    Thanks it works now

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    Good, glad to hear that!  Seriously, the next time you need advice or help, come here so that we can guide you, OK?  We're happy to help.

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