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    I'm very interested in knowing if AppleTV in Sweden has an NBA app and it works? I'm considering to buy the AppleTV device along with an NBA International League Pass. So that I can stream the NBA matches directly in the AppleTV (I'm not interested in watching the matches live, but recorded matches the next evening, since I must sleep at night ). Is this possible?


    In this page I see that Sweden is one of the countries in which this is available, but I would like a confirmation from somebody that it works, given the access troubles I'm reading from people in other countries.



    Best Regards.

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    I am having the same issues as some of the other people on here. Purchased my league pass last week, works fine on computer but does not work on apple tv. I can not even get logged in. When I put in username and password (which I know are right), I get a timeout message. Really annoying and as has been previously stated, the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. They are virtually impossible to get a hold of.

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    Since last Wednesday the NBA App appears on the ATV menu when set to the UK iTunes Store in the menu. This didn't happen before and only showed up when the US store was selected.


    I entered my login info and can now watch using the International League Pass on the ATV without needing a computer or iPhone, etc to initiate the streaming. Heaven!!


    Not sure if this works in other countries though so you will have to experiment with setting your ATV to your local iTunes region.

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    I had the same problem and the problem was that I had to many devices registered to my NBA Game Time account. You can only register 5 devices (Apple TV, iDevices, Xbox), you can delete your devices in the settings on the website. You can can also send an email to: They answered me within 24 hours and reset all my devices.

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    Bought Apple TV today in The Netherlands, already had a NBA League Pass, tried setting it up today, but after trying Itunes store set up for the Netherlands or the UK, I keep getting an Auth Failed message. Does anybody have a clue what could be going wrong? I am sure the login information is correct, and it all works fine on my PC, iPhone and iPad, just won't work on my ATV (which kind of *****, since I bought the ATV to watch NBA on my tv..).


    Any more tips on what to try or what I might be doing wrong? The loading of the NBA app takes a long time, is that normal? It also could be some kind of time out? But I am not sure about that..


    Thanks in advance!

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    I solved my issue by unplugging the Ethernet cord and getting on the network via wifi. I suggest anyone having problems adds this to their troubleshooting as this is known to be an issue with the atv and league pass (for some reason they can't figure this out - so until they do this is the only option).

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    Thank you thank you thank you! How unbelievable that that could be the solution.. but after unplugging the ATV from the internet and connecting with Wifi, the opening of the app went smoothly and I was able to log into my account, and the games were viewable. Awesome! Thanks Jurgman11!!

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    I emailed them (you might want to add TV in that emailadress..). Got an hilarious response back that they do not have a Game Time app on Apple TV, and that they are not planning too. And the only way to watch NBA on my tv using ATV is by using AirPlay.. While I did say I had a League Time Pass.. Oh well, glad there are people around here who do have a clue!

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    Right on!  Thanks for the advice.  Unplugging the the Ethernet and using wi-fi works.

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