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Hey there,

I am trying to load a mapview using Mapkit and everything was working a week ago. When I got the update for 4.5 for xcode all of a sudden the mapview would not load properly. It seems to pin point on my location properly but there is no graphics. I have made sure that my .mapType is set properly and I have looked at all the other settings. Also a project that uses mapview on another computer gets the same problem I am getting, it seems I have lost this file "default.styleproto" from somewhere.




If it helps, I had problems with my first download of xcode, I had two versions some how running on my computer so I ran a command line script to erase everything to do with xcode so I could download a new copy and start from fresh. It seemed to have deleted my "developer" folder for my apps.


Thanks in advance

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    I had the same problem and the map wouldn't work at all. The files should be in the folder

    ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/[6.0 and above]/Library/Caches/GeoServices/Resources

    In my case I had 3 styleproto files in there including default-305@2x.styleproto which I duplicated and renamed to default.styleproto. Now the map works but all the icons are @2x size, which is very annoying. I thought of using the default.styleproto file from a different computer but it didn't have it either.


    Any real solution to this?